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GE - new email group

This is an invitation to subscribe to a new electronic mailing list, one
with a very specific function. Please accept apologies if you receive more
than one of these invitations. We are contacting several existing email
groups and duplication will not be avoidable.

The list is called 'gm-action', full address <>
It is NOT a discussion list, nor is it a news list. These functions are
very well served elsewhere. But it has for some time been felt by a number
of GM campaigners that we are lacking a rapid and automatic action system.

The purpose of this list is action, of the letter-writing and
notification-of-meetings kind. The action is to be focused on the issue of
GM food production as it affects the UK. Typical targets therefore would be
politicians (eg MPs, Ministers, MEPs), and supermarkets and food
manufacturers. Other examples from recent history include the Church of
England, and water companies.

This will be an automatic list. You might know of an important meeting that
you would like to alert others to. If you have a suggestion for letters
which you think people should write, you could send a message to the list
with the background information, the names and addresses of people to write
to, and either a draft letter or key points. See below for a perfect model!

On the other hand, you could be a passive subscriber, ie receive the
messages, and act, encouraging many others to do the same.

We are grateful to Friends of the Earth for offering to host this list and
for providing technical support. It is not, however, a FoE list and is not
confined to members of FoE; it is hoped that it could reach a wide audience
within the UK and thus that mass letter-writing actions could be achieved.
Each message will carry an automatic disclaimer so that FoE is not
necessarily implicated in the suggested actions, and to make it clear that
the views of individuals or groups subscribing are not necessarily endorsed.

Being automatic, it will not be a secure list in that you are not advised
to suggest anything you wouldn't like Monsanto and Aventis to know about!

MODEL MESSAGE (The subject line will have an automatic prefix 'GM-ACT,
for easy identification.) 

GM Crops on Church land

The Church of England is likely to decide around the middle of February
or not to allow the growing of GM crops at test sites on its land. We
cannot be
complacent about this. In 1998, the C of E invested 37M in GM companies such
as Astra-Zeneca and Novartis and it is under heavy pressure from the biotech
industry and the Government to host GM test sites. Obviously, if the Church
agrees to do so, this will appear to give moral endorsement to the current
trials and the general principle of GM in food and farming, and it will be a
significant propaganda victory for the biotech industry.

There is still time to write, politely urging that the proposal should be
rejected. You can do so by email to:

Mrs Claire Foster (Assistant Secretary, Board for Social Responsibility,
of England)


Mr Antony Hardy (Church Commissioners)

Thanks a lot.

Best wishes,

(Scarborough Against Genetic Engineering) 

NB: It would be useful also to add addresses for snail mail, so that the
action request could be passed on to non e-mail people.


send a message to <> , leaving the subject line blank
and writing in the body of the email:

subscribe gm-action