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GE - UK Food Group World Food Day Debate - 14 Oct.

UK Food Group World Food Day Debate - Thursday 14 October 1999

"This house believes that globalisation of food markets creates hunger "

Hear some of the most influential thinkers on food and trade issues debate 
whether free trade can feed the world.

Speakers for the motion: 
Dr. Vandana Shiva, Director, Research Foundation on Science and Technology, 
Professor Tim Lang , Centre for Food Policy, Thames Valley University.
Opposing the motion 
Michael Conlon, Agricultural Attaché, US Embassy (invited) 
Guy de Jonquieres, Financial Times (Invited)
Chair: Derek Osborn, Chairman, UN Environment and Development UK 
Committee (invited)
Venue: The Royal Commonwealth Society, 18 Northumberland Avenue, WC2 
Date: 14th October 1999 
Time: 6.00pm - 9.00pm 
Cost: £5 (including glass of wine)
Registration: Places are limited: Reserve your seat by sending the fee 
(£5) to : Julie Fairirie, UK Food Group, PO Box 100, London SE1 7RT