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GE - Bournmouth Rally press release

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Friday 24 September 1999

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A hundred cows and fifty chickens march on Labour Party Conference, Sunday

Hundreds of people, many wearing farm animal costumes will be marching to the
Labour Party Conference at the Bournmouth International Conference Centre on
Sunday 26th September. They are calling for the removal of genetically
crops from farm animal feed. The procession will arrive at 2.50 p.m. where the
cows will perform song and dance routines. A petition of 10,000 - 15,000
signatures will be presented to David Drew MP on the steps of the conference
centre at 3.00 p.m. This will be followed by speeches, including Labour MP s
and independent scientists at the nearby Red Square, finishing 4.00 p.m.

Coaches have been arranged from 25 towns and cities across southern England to
bring people to the procession. They will assemble from Meyrick Park, half a
mile north of the Conference Centre from 1.00 p.m. There will be rehearsals of
the dance routine and the song Old Monsanto had a farm . The procession leaves
at 2.20 p.m. following a milk float painted with Monsanto s mutant milk
round .
As the procession nears the Conference the Old Monsanto song will be sung. 

After the dancing and petition presentation speakers will be at Red Square
(from 3.25 p.m.) include: Luke Anderson - genetics campaigner and author of
Genetic Engineering, Food and Our Environment , -Audrey Wise -Labour MP for
Preston, Moyra Bremner - science writer and author of forthcoming book, GE:
Genetic Engineering and You , David Drew - Labour MP for Stroud and Dr Mae Wan
Ho - Scientist

Quotes from the speakers:

David Drew Labour MP for Stroud said,

"Genetic modification is one of the most important issues facing us and we
to continue with all manner of precautions until we know the results of the
scientific investigations"

Moyra Bremner, science writer said,

"Only four years ago food was GE-free - for rich and poor alike. Today GE-free
food is a luxury. Genetic engineering has created a food apartheid which any
Labour government should be ashamed of. The current use of GE in crops for
human and animal feed is a needless and inappropriate use of this technology,
driven by corporate greed."

Ray Foulk, from The GMO Campaign, organisers of the rally said, 

"Short of a strict vegan or organic diet there is no way to avoid GM-reared
animal products. There is no labelling whatsoever. Instead of just keeping us
in the dark, the Prime Minister should explain how the government's much
vaunted policy of consumer choice applies here."


Ray Foulk, GMO Campaign Co-ordinator Mobile: 0468 622838


Notes to Editors

*GM-animal feed has been in extensive use in Britain for three years now while
consumers have been neither consulted nor informed. The policy of US exporters
to mix GM raw material with non-GM varieties makes it impossible for farmers
and consumers to make a choice. World Trade Organisation rules prevent the
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food from dealing with this
unsatisfactory situation without provoking a major trans-Atlantic trade

*Visit for technical detail.

*Twenty-two Labour MPs have signed Early Day Motion 330 opposing the continued
use of GM material in farm animal feed.