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September 19, 1999
Organics Direct
Women say no to GMOs is a new initiative that offers everyone, if they 
are concerned about genetic engineering, the chance to say NO. Join 
musician and former Beatle star Paul McCartney and his family by signing 
up TODAY to the new GMO Campaign Women say NO to GMOs.
1. Women say NO to GMOs 
2. Why we need Women say NO to GMOs 
3. How you can help 
4. Women say NO to GMOs - Consumer Charter 
5. Sign our petition 
1. Women say NO to GMOs 
"On behalf of the McCartney family I strongly support the Women Say NO 
to GMOs drive in its campaign to make sure that people have the 
opportunity to buy pure food for themselves and their families."
Paul McCartney
Like Paul McCartney and his family, we believe GMOs to be one of the 
most important issues we face in our lifetime. Should it go wrong, 
genetic engineering could have devastating consequences for our health 
and the environment. This is why as women we feel we have to make a 
stand TODAY.
We are concerned that we and our children are being used as unwitting & 
unwilling guinea pigs in this new technology. Our environment is being 
used as an open-air laboratory, and potential risks to consumers 
currently come a poor second to biotech profits.
The long-term safety of GM crops, foods, cosmetics and plants has not 
been evaluated and is completely unknown. We believe that GMO products 
need to be tested as rigorously as drugs, and may need new scientific 
benchmarks to deal with the challenges they present.
We know that GM crops threaten organic food production and global food 
security, and that the vast majority of consumers are deeply concerned 
about them. Given the choice, most consumers don't want them.
As women, our prime concern is that our children have safe, healthy food 
that we can all trust, and that they inherit an environment that will 
sustain them and future generations. Experts are concerned that by 
eating and growing GM food and crops without proper testing we are 
taking risks with our health, our environment and - because of genetic 
pollution - we will lose our right to say no to gene foods. 
2. Why we need Women say NO to GMOs
The GM debate is the biggest issue we shall all face in our lifetime. At 
its heart is a debate about consumer choice and basic human rights.
Unless we act now, genetic engineering will dictate the food agenda for 
the 21st century, and alter the environment we live in. Control of the 
world's basic staples will pass to a handful of multinational 
agrochemical companies.
For these reasons, it is vital that everyone in your street has a voice 
and that all aspects of the debate are discussed openly. We all need to 
be certain that this is what we want & whether GMOs are even necessary, 
before it's too late.
At the moment the GM debate is being conducted by the industry on the 
principle that we need to proceed at any cost. Any concern is dismissed 
as emotional and hysterical. That is why we need YOU to sign Women say 
NO to GMOs: to legitimise the fact that GMOs are about consumer choice - 
that people's fears are genuine, and that a more thoughtful, caring, 
common-sense approach is the right way forward.
The outcome of this debate will profoundly affect the food our children 
eat and will change our living environment irrevocably. Already this 
century two major scientific developments - nuclear power and the 
creation of toxic pesticides - have had disastrous consequences for the 
environment and for our health. BSE has also taught us that, despite 
best scientific advice, things can go horrendously wrong.
"We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being cautious about 
3. How you can help 
The GM debate is your debate and will be decided ultimately by 
If you are concerned:-
1.Keep voicing your concerns
2.Keep insisting on your right to be GMO free.
3.Keep boycotting GM products.
4.Keep writing to manufacturers, supermarkets, newspapers, magazines, 
MPs, MEPs, local councillers, and local organisations and tell them how 
you feel.
5.Add your signature to our e-mail petition.
6.Tell your friends about "Women say NO to GMOs" and ask them on our 
behalf, if they are concerned, to support us by adding their signature.
7.Ask your local shops, schools and businesses to get involved.
8.Spread the word to other websites and tell others about Women Say NO 
to GMOs.
Click here NOW to sign our petition [go to the website to do this 

4. Women say NO to GMOs - Consumer Charter
What we want
1.The right for all consumers and farmers to remain GM free if they 
2.The right to say no - based on clear, positive and comprehensive 
labelling of all products containing GMOs, including animal feeds, 
cosmetics, nutritional supplements and cotton.
3.All products containing GMOs to be tested as rigorously as drugs.
4.Total separation and containment of farm trials, independent statutory 
monitoring, and effective accountable protection from genetic pollution 
for farmers and consumers.
5.NO commercial planting of GM crops until consumer concerns over health 
and the environment have been satisfied.
6.A GM producer Liability Act to compensate consumers, farmers and 
organisations for all adverse effects of GM crops and products.
7.More practical support and encouragement for organic farming methods 
8.The right of each nation to remain GM free if its citizens so wish and 
legislation governing biotechnology decided at national level.
9.International action to prevent monopoly of the world's staple foods 
by global agrochemical companies. 
5. Sign our petition [go to the website to do this 
Please fill in all fields marked with a red asterisk (*). 
I support this campaign which aims to protect mine and my familys right 
to remain GMO free. 
First name 
Last name 
Email address


“On behalf of the McCartney family I strongly support the Woman say NO to GMOs
drive in its campaign to make sure that people have the opportunity to buy
food for themselves and their families.” 
Paul McCartney

WOMAN SAY NO TO GMOS is a brand new initiative, the first of its type.
Sunday, September 19th, and supported by the Soil Association (visit their
website: it gives everyone, if they are concerned,
chance to say NO to GMOs. We aim to collect 50,000 signatures by Christmas to
be delivered as the nations gift to the Prime Minister at Downing Street
and up
to 100,000 thereafter.

“I’m frequently told that women are not interested in politics. Yet it is
who have (invisibly) driven the GMO debate by refusing to buy genetically
modified food. As a women politician, I believe genetic engineering is the
important political, ethical, social and environmental issue of our time.
say NO to GMOs is our chance to become more visible, more vocal and more
Joan Ruddock, MP

“The government says it believes in joined up thinking. It has instigated the
most stringent controls ever on beef over the BSE crisis, yet this is in stark
contrast to their attitude over GMOs. Why should we have to settle for less.”
Lynn Riley, Housewives League

WHY WOMEN SAY NO research shows that women are especially concerned about
As consumers we are immensely powerful. As other women’s campaigns such as the
peace initiative in Northern Ireland and Mothers and Others in the United
States have shown, we can be a significant agent for change for the better. In
common with the vast majority of the public, we believe this issue is far to
important to be left to science alone and agree with Joan Ruddock MP, that
is the most important, political, ethical, social and environmental issue of
our time. By taking a stand now, we hope to give encouragement to everyone who
is concerned.

Women against GMO’s urges caution by making a stand against the hasty
introduction of products containing GMOs, including animal feeds, cosmetics,
cotton and  nutritional supplements.

‘If you are concerned, Say NO to GMOs’

[continued overleaf]PRESS RELEASE: SEPT 19 1999


WHO’S SUPPORTING US: Paul McCartney and his family, together with famous and
high profile women such as:

Darina Allen Dr Jean Monro
Joanna Blythman Marguerite Patten, OBE
Helen Browning, OBE Lynn Riley (Housewives League)
Lady Caroline Conran Jancis Robinson
Sally Clarke Anita Roddick, OBE
Joseline Dimbleby Joan Ruddock, MP
Liz Earle Trudie Styler
Renee Elliott Marchioness of Worcester
Rose Gray Joephine Wood
Jerry Hall Bell Mooney
Geraldene Holt

We are collecting new signatures daily.

HOW IT WILL WORK: Following the Prime Minister’s advice, from Sunday 19th
September, WSN launches its internet presence with webspace donated by
Direct home delivery service. For full details, including graphics and
instructions, press contacts, supporter quotes, our consumer charter, updates
and our poem, visit:

Many other UK and world-wide websites, including Iceland’s, Planet Organic and
Freshland’s stores in London will begin collecting signatures next week. Other
high street stores and retailers will follow.

We shall also be working with our American colleagues to extend the initiative
to the USA.

Lynda Brown, campaign co-ordinator, 01491 638 602
Harry Hadaway, campaign co-ordinator, Soil Association, 0117 914 2449
Dulcie Filton, Internet Co-ordinator, E-mail:
Boni Sones, Office of Joan Ruddock MP, 0171 219 4813