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GE - call to action re companies using GE


Well done everyone who is campaigning against genetically manipulated 
foods. Great progress has been made so far. Let¹s keep up the great work! 
Here are some useful campaign suggestions. Please take action on these 
and pass them on to other GM campaigners and campaign groups.

ASDA/WAL-MART have repeatedly declined to state in writing the number of 
products affected by GM derivatives and enzymes. With the recent 
take-over of Asda by US company Wal-Mart, the flow of American GM foods 
into Asda products could increase. So please write to Archie Norman, 
Chairman, Asda Stores Ltd, Great Wilson Street, Leeds, LS11 5AD (fax 0113 
241 8666) and demand that Asda remove all GM derivatives, flavourings, 
colourings and enzymes from their products. Also request a list of Asda 
products affected by GM derivatives and enzymes. Don¹t be fobbed off with 
Asda¹s current GM list, which only includes products containing GM 

KRAFT JACOBS SUCHARD say they have removed GM soya and maize ³protein², 
as well as soya lecithin, from their products. However, they say they 
still use ³some² GM derivatives (although they declined to state this in 
writing to us). So write to: Richard Johnson, Corporate Affairs Director, 
Kraft Jacobs Suchard, St Georges House, Bayshill Rd, Cheltenham, GL50 3AE 
(fax 01242 512084; tel 01242 236101) and request that all GM derivatives 
and GM enzymes be removed from their products and production processes. 
Also ask for a list of products affected by GM derivatives and GM 

FLORADIX say their health tonics do not contain GM ingredients, 
derivatives, or vitamins produced by GM enzymes.

WELL DONE WEETABIX! who now have a total GM-free policy which includes 
ensuring that the wheat starch and added vitamins in their products have 
not been produced by GM-enzymes. (If only we could have as much 
confidence in Kellogg's and Nestle's cereals!)

KELLOGG'S have declined to say if GM enzymes are used in the manufacture 
of the vitamins and Riboflavin used in their cereals; and a few of their 
products, including health bars, still contain GM soya oil! So write to: 
The Managing Director, Kellogg Co (G.B) Ltd. Talbot Road, MANCHESTER M16 
OPU. Fax: 0161-869 21000. Tel: 0161-869 2000 - and let him know that 
you/your community/organisation, will join the 
boycott of all Kellogg's products unless an assurance is made (in 
writing) that none of Kellogg's products are produced using GM 
derivatives or GM enzymes.

NESTLE have declined to comment on whether Shredded Wheat contains wheat 
starch that has been produced by GM-enzymes; all they will say is that 
"no GM "material" is present. Write to: The Corporate Affairs Director, 
Nestle (UK) Ltd, St Georges House, CROYDON, Surrey CR9 1NR. Fax: 
0181-681-1218. (For more info on how best to word enquiries, see Sample 
Letter to the press).                                   

BOOTS THE CHEMIST still need convincing that the majority of consumers 
don't wish to buy their genetically manipulated products. So write to the 
Managing Director, Boots the Chemists Ltd, 1 Thane Road West, Nottingham, 
NG2 3AA (fax 0115 949 5650) and let him know that GM campaigners and 
consumer groups are planning a UK-wide boycott of all Boots products, and 
that Boots should immediately announce the removal all GM ingredients, 
derivatives and GM enzymes from their food, skin care, and pharmaceutical 
products. Also request a copy of Boots policy on GM, plus a list of Boots 
products affected by GM ingredients, derivatives, and GM enzymes. If you 
don't have time to write, please call Boots Customer Services on 0115 918 
2000 and ask them to pass on your comments to the management.

The clothing company LANDS END have confirmed that their cotton clothing 
is made from GM cotton. Call them on Freephone 0800 220106 and give them 
your views on this, and request that they source natural, non-GM cotton. 
Ask for written details of their position on GM, and let them know that a 
UK-wide boycott of all Land's End products is being planned by GM 
campaigners and consumer groups.

Please take a few minutes to call the following companies to voice your 
concern about GM foods. Ask which of their products are affected by GM 
derivatives and GM enzymes, and request a list of these. 
Call Tesco on 0800 50 5555
McVitie¹s: 0500 011710
Safeway: 0181 848 8744
Sainsbury: 0500 301010
Heinz: 0181 848 2223
Holland & Barrett: 01203 244400
Unilever: 0171 822 5252
McDonald's: 0181 700 7000
Don't be fooled by cleverly worded assurances over the phone, and always 
ensure that you get all the information that you asked for in writing.    

GREGGS, the nationwide bakery chain, say they have removed all GM soya 
and maize "protein" from their products (well done!). But unfortunately 
hundreds of their products are still affected by GM derivatives and 
enzymes! So write to: Paul Birchall, Greggs plc, Clayton Rd, Newcastle, 
NE2 1TL (Fax 0191-281 1444)  and request a 
list of Greggs¹ products affected by GM derivatives and enzymes. Also 
mention that GM campaign groups are calling for a boycott of all Greggs¹ 
products until they are made totally free from GM derivatives and GM 

SPREAD THE WORD! Many companies are conning consumers into believing that 
their products are "GM-free" (ie, totally unaffected by GM). By writing 
to the Letters Page of local and national newspapers and magazines, using 
the following Sample Letter as a guide, you will greatly help to empower 
people around the country to ask the right questions, and thereby obtain 
GM-free foods, vitamins and medicines.


Dear Sir or Madam:


Anyone wishing to avoid GM products should find the following tips useful:

When contacting companies to enquire if foods, vitamins, medicines, and 
childrens' vaccines are totally GM-free, don't be fooled by assurances 
such as: "Our products contain no GM ingredients, GM material, or GM 
protein". Such a statement usually implies that GM derivatives or enzymes 
are present, or that GM has been used in some 
part of the production process. So always obtain a guarantee in writing, 
that the product contains NO GM INGREDIENTS, DERIVATIVES OR ENZYMES, and 

For foods which are really GM-free, favour organic products which carry 
the Soil Association logo. And finally, I would like to recommend the 
very useful website: How to Avoid GM-foods, which is at:

Yours sincerely

B. Swift

Genetic Food Concern