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GE -Action against racists stops Eugenics meeting

Press Release (2 pages)    People Against Eugenics

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 Direct Action against racists 
stops Eugenics meeting

This morning at approximately 11AM at the Royal Zoological Society, London
activists disrupted and closed down a meeting of the Eugenics Society(1) at
which three known racists(2) were meant to be speaking. After a discussion
the Royal Zoological Society to prevent further meetings being held in the
building activists left the building. No arrests were made.Arthur Jensen,
Richard Lynn and Glayde Whitney all claim that black people are genetically
inferior to white people.  This non-violent direct action is an attempt to
broaden the genetics debate beyond issues of genetically modified food. 

The action is supported by a unique coalition between genetics activists and
those who the eugenicists want to exclude from their vision of  the new
millennium - disabled people, Jews and anti-racists(3).  

People Against Eugenics (PAE) has today written to the Royal Zoological
protesting at the Society's hosting of racists and eugenicists.  PAE is
particularly concerned that the Galton Institute attempts to portray itself as
a respectable academic organisation, and, as the programme shows, attracts
mainstream academics as speakers.  PAE is calling on academics, particularly
geneticists to boycott the Eugenics Society.

Roy Webb of the Disabled People's Direct Action Network said: 'The Eugenics
Society want to eliminate disabled people, black people, lesbian and gay
and anyone else that they see as not fitting into their view of society.  We
want to celebrate difference and create a fully inclusive society.'

David King of People Against Eugenics said: 'This meeting shows that eugenics
has not gone away and its philosophy has not changed.  The Eugenics Society
operates behind the scenes, trying to orchestrate a new eugenics based on
reproductive technology and genetics(4).  We must not go quietly into their
brave new world of designer babies.' People against Eugenics is delighted at
the outcome this morning. We support free speech for everyone except those who
themselves oppose free speech. The Eugenics Society, which has always been
closely aligned to Fascism, wants to go further than opposing free speech,
eugenicists think they know who should be allowed to live.

Photographs of the action will be available from ISF: call 01628 542554.
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 Notes overleaf…
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Notes for editors

1. Eugenics is the programme of improving the human race by controlling which
genes are transmitted to the next generation.  In the past this was done by
forced sterilisation, often of people with learning difficulties.  In Germany
in the 1930s and 40s, eugenics led to the murder of thousands of disabled
people and, ultimately, to the Holocaust.  The Eugenics Society has existed
since 1907.  It changed its name to the Galton Institute (after Francis
the founder of eugenics) in 1989.

2. Arthur Jensen, who was supposed to give the Galton Lecture this morning,
started the controversy over race and IQ in 1969, with an article claiming
the 15 point average IQ difference between black and white people in the
USA is
genetically caused, and that 'Headstart' programmes to improve African
Americans' achievement were a waste of money.  

Richard Lynn of the Ulster Institute of Social Research claims that black
Africans have an IQ of only 70, the level at which people are usually labelled
'mentally retarded'.  He says that this is the reason for Africa's low
level of
economic development.  Lynn has also argued for the breakup of the US, with
predominantly white states in the Northwest and Northeast seceding from the

Glayde Whitney wrote a laudatory foreword to a book by David Duke, former
of the Ku Klux Klan, which claims that Jews and blacks are conspiring against
white Americans.  The book is being distributed by the Neo-Nazi Stormfront

3. People Against Eugenics is supported by the Disabled Action Network, the
Genetic Engineering Network, the Jewish Socialist Group, and the National
Assembly Against Racism.

4. Two months ago the Sunday Times quoted Robert Edwards, the test-tube baby
pioneer and a world expert on genetic testing of embryos produced in test
(known as pre-implantation diagnosis): 'Soon it will be a sin of parents to
have a child that carries the heavy burden of genetic disease. We are entering
a world where we have to consider the quality of our children.'  Edwards is a
long time member of the Eugenics Society and has served on its Council.

5. PAE has made several disturbing discoveries about the extent of the
Society's influence in academia and on government policy.  These are detailed
in a report which can be obtained from PAE.