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GE - Smash Genetic engineering Action - Update

The remaining 22 defendants from the smash genetic engineering action of 31
July were in court on Monday 13 September.

Charges have been dropped against the other 24 defendants including ACAB who
was released from remand a couple of weeks ago.

Charges against the remaining 22 have been reduced to criminal damage (to a
potato field) and / or aggrevated trespass.  There is no mention of criminal
damage to any maize.

We had a good day in court and basically got everything we asked for. The
bail condition of non-association with other defendants was dropped against
the wishes of the CPS as were the signing on at police stations and not
leaving ones home town conditions that had been set for some people. We all
now have the same conditions, were able to put in our plea of Not guilty and
have a pre trial review set for 21 October (where defendants don't have to
appear if they don't want to).

So things are moving on quickly to the time where the have to try and prove
the really quite bizzare charges that they have decided to try and convict
us with in an attempt to remove the GM issue from the trial.

With 22 defendants from all over the country there are many travel costs to
and from court that we are attempting to subsidise so that no-one has to pay
more than £5 per court appearance (and it is possible that there may be a
few to come). We also have expences relation to co-ordinating our defence
and extra defendants meetings.

If you can afford to give a donation to the defence fund then please send a
cheque, postal order or  notes payable to. Smash genetic engineering defence
fund. to
Smash genetic engineering defence fund c/o Cornerstone Resource Centre, 16
Sholebroke Avenue, Leeds LS7 3HB

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