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GE - US Center Opens to Relay Anti-GE Action Info to media

[For those of you who do not already know this service is offered to groups in
the UK by the Genetic Engineering Network <> and has been
extremely useful over the past couple of years. We wish the US group all the
best and hope that the mutual exchange of information and inspiration can
continue. All the best, GEN]


Date: September 12, 1999 Contact: Jeffrey Tufenkian 619-584-6462

News Center Opens to Relay Anti-GE Action Info to the News Media

[USA] - Beginning immediately, there is an above-ground center which will
relay to the news media anonymous information regarding actions taken
against genetically engineered (GE) crops or other nonviolent actions which
resist genetic engineering in the US.

Recent actions against GE crops in California and elsewhere have received
almost no  coverage in the news media.  Seeking to expand the quantity and
quality of such coverage, Genetix Alert has been created to get information
about such actions to the news media and provide a supportive public voice
and face to explain such actions.

Genetix Alert (GA) is an above-ground news center which relays to the media
the contents of anonymous communiqués received regarding nonviolent actions
(bringing no harm to humans or animals) against GE.  Such actions can
include, but are not limited to, crop destruction and other property damage.
GA will attempt to communicate to the media any anonymous information it
receives (via anonymous typed note through US Mail or anonymous email
message) which details such a nonviolent action.  People sending communiqués
are urged to place an anonymous message from a pay phone to alert GA to
check for email or US Mail.  Also, anonymous photographs or video tapes of
the actions or results can improve the news media coverage.

The News Center will be available as part of the network of contacts for the
media, able to comment on actions that fall within these guidelines and
explain the broader context of problems created by genetic engineering that
necessitates such actions.

Genetix Alert is an independent news center which works with other
above-ground, anti-genetic engineering organizations.  GA has no knowledge
of the person(s) who carryout any underground actions.  GA does not advocate
illegal acts, but seeks to explain why people destroy genetically engineered
crops and undertake other nonviolent actions aimed at resisting genetic
engineering and increasing the difficulty for entities which seek to advance
genetic engineering or its products.  GA spokespeople are available for
media interviews.

Reporters and other interested parties may contact Genetix Alert at:
phone: 619-584-6462, fax: 619-528-1449
PO Box 3992, San Diego, CA 92163, USA
contact: Jeffrey Tufenkian