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GE - UPDATE on Agent Creamy Genes

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For Immediate Use                        9-9-99
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     Communique of the Biotic Baking Brigade-Nor'easter Irregulars

            U P D A T E                  U P D A T E 

         The case of the pie-eyed professor continues!

     Ever since BBB-NI Agent Creamy Genes was arrested March 16, 1999
for smooshing a cream pie in the face of geneticist Neil First in a
University of New Hampshire lecture hall, pie lovers everywhere have
wondered if pie is really a crime.  The climax of this story is now

     University police have arrested a second person they believe to
be the notorious Agent Lemon Souffle who participated in the original
pie "crime."  Renee Medford was arrested August 19 and charged with
disorderly conduct despite clear evidence she could not possibly be
the agent in question.  Ms. Medford will be arraigned and will clear
up this matter of harassment Sept. 30 in Durham District Court.  

     Oct. 7, a week later in the same court, Agent Creamy Genes will
stand trial for assault and conspiracy to damage the projection screen
in front of which the professor was standing.  The pie thrower faces
up to two years in jail and a $4,000 fine if found to actually be the
menace science and security claim him to be.  In the agent's view,
"Scientists and CEOs continue to assault us and the world with genetic
engineering through pharmaceutical development, animal testing and
cloning, the Human Genome Project and our actual current food supply.
They are even developing a 'gene gun', with help from UNH, to weild
against us in their war.  Who is the aggressor here?"

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