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For those of you who are finding this list too much "information overload"
I am
pasting in information about other email lists that may be more useful for you
than the ones offered by GEN.

If you just want the main stories about what is going on in GE each day in one
email then I highly recommend the BAN-GEF list that offers a daily digest.

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Genetic Engineering Network (GEN) 
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(0181) 374 9516 
GEN Office Email  <>

please not that requests for further info should go to the office address as
<> is simply for running of the lists. 
<> a great site including list of local
groups and much more

* If you would like to be on a list (and are not already) reply to 
<> putting 'Subscribe Genetics' in the subject box. 
There is a very busy list (list 1) & a less 'full-on' (list 2) that only
Genetix Update newsletter & occasional action alerts - please specify. 
To "unsubscribe" please follow the same guidelines. 
You DO NOT need to be on both lists. 
*If you have anything to contribute to any of these lists then send it in 
and it will be forwarded - unedited wherever possible. 
Please do not send attachments instead just add text to emails main body. 
If you are media and would simpy like to receive Press Releases as well as
urgent GE news stories then please email us with "subscribe GE media" in the
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The emails from GE - list 1 is archived at the following website as: 
info4action - <<>>
Other Email information services - one or more of these might be better suited
for your needs than the GEN email info lists detailed above. There is some
overlap with some of these lists and GEN lists and I have tried to show
this in
brackets [] after each description. If you know of any other Genetics based
email services then please let GEN know the details by emailing them to

BAN GEF  Free US-run list that includes lots of discussion with useful daily
digest option. For instructions send email to <>
with HELP in the Subject line. [many articles from this list also to go to GEN
list 1]

BAN - Bioengineering Action Network of North America is centered around GE
activism Send a message of SUBSCRIBE to: - BAN can be
reached through the Hexterminators at:

BIO-IPR In-depth list put out by GRAIN. Circulates information about recent
developments in the field of patenting related to biodiversity, etc. To join,
send the word "subscribe" (no quote marks) as the subject of an email message
to <>. 

Biotech Activists - North American list - Institute for Agriculture and Trade
Policy To subscribe, send an email to In the body of the
message type:  subscribe biotech_activists

Center for Food Safety [US based]  To subscribe to the free electronic
newsletter, Campaign for Food Safety News (formerly called Food Bytes),
send an
email to <> with the simple message in the body of the text:
subscribe pure-food-action. 

GENET  Moderated list: information exchange among European NGOs and 
grassroot groups the emails are sent out by subject matter and individually
(rather than lots of articles in one email) archived at <> since
1998). Email <> for subscription details (service is not
free). [vast majority also covered by GEN list 1]

GENTECH  Unmoderated list about all aspects of genetic engineering 
(archived at <> since 1995). Send a message with the word 
"subscribe" in the subject to: <>. 

Nginews - Free e-mail bulletins from Norfolk Genetic Information Network. 
Email <> with the word "subscribe". [Highly recommneded
especially good info for info re: GE crops and farmers in UK -these often go
out to GEN list 1]

NLP Wessex List  Concentrates on crop issues. Subscribe on website: 
<>. [these often go out to
GEN list 1]

Organic Consumers Association [US based] To subscribe to the free electronic
newsletter, Organic View, send an email to <> 
with "subscribe" written in the body of the text. 

PANUPS [Pesticide Action Network] Free weekly on-line news service from PANNA
(see p.126). Subscription information available on website
<>. [these often go out to GEN list 1]

Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly  Weekly news with searchable archive 
at <>. Send the word "Subscribe" by itself (no quote
marks) in an email to: <>. [this are often
forwarded to GEN list 1]

WEN  Local food list <> Biodiversity, local food and
sustainable agriculture. UK-based, but also contains international news. 



PO Box 9656
N4 4JY
Tel. 0181 374 9516

Why was the Genetic Engineering Network set up?
Genetic Engineering is now a hot topic within campaigning circles throughout
the UK and indeed world-wide. One of the most exciting things about the wider
campaign against genetic engineering is the number of groups active on varying
levels. While some groups are working on the animal welfare side of genetic
engineering, others are working on the patenting of life. Some want complete
bans, some the labelling of GE products and others moratoriums, while others
are simply concentrating on raising public awareness. 
It became apparent that all these groups needed to establish an information
exchange in order to be as effective as possible. The other need was for
information to get out to the general public in order to inform and enable
to become actively involved. The Genetic Engineering Network (GEN) was set up
in early 1997 to achieve these aims and exists as a clearing house for

Who is the Genetic Engineering Network?
Groups already actively exchanging information within the network include
Corporate Watch, Earth First!,  genetiX snowball, Genetix Food Alert, Green
Party, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Women’s Environmental Network and
Foundation, as well as whole-food groups, organic farmers and the numerous
local groups and individuals that are springing up around the UK in opposition
to genetic engineering. If you are interested in becoming part of this
network please contact us. We are also happy to help with new groups
setting up
and will put people in contact with others in their area if requested.

What does GEN do?
To help facilitate exchange between groups within GEN we hold monthly meetings
in London, produce a bi- monthly Genetix Update newsletter and run an email
information service. We now have an office to deal with the ever increasing
demand for information, as well as a press database so that we are in are able
to send out press releases both on request from local groups as well as
GEN press releases. Rather than deal with all the press and public enquiries
ourselves we instead guide media wherever possible to groups or individuals
that we feel would be most appropriate for the enquiry. There are also local
meetings taking place on a regular basis around the country.

What is the genetics email information list?
Still referred to as the Reclaim the Streets list by some as it began three
years ago and was their initiative set up to distribute information about
genetic engineering when information was hard to come by. However it is now
known as the GEN list as it was taken on by GEN a couple of years ago. The
service redistributes the latest press coverage and general information on the
subject of genetic engineering to a wide range of subscribers. They include
scientists, campaigners, members of the public, publications, journalists and
biotechnology companies from around the world. ‘List 1’ is very heavy traffic
averaging 5 emails a day. There is a less busy ‘List 2’ that only receives
Genetix Update newsletter each month as well as action alerts and other
newsletters on the subject of genetic engineering. The address to subscribe to
either list is: <>. Please specify which list you would

What is the Genetix Update?
The Genetix Update is an eight page bi-monthly newsletter. It summarises the
main developments on the very broad subject of genetic engineering from the
previous month, as well as reporting on direct action against genetic
engineering. It is aimed at concerned members of the public as well as
campaigning groups. It is a means to inform and inspire people to become
in the campaign and keep those already active abreast of the latest
developments. Most of the information comes from contributions to the email
information list and is then edited into succinct factual articles along with
diary dates, contact numbers and action ideas wherever possible. The
is then distributed to the GEN database, whole-food shops, public debates and
discussions and information stalls as well as being distributed electronically
via the email information lists. 

**The Genetix Update and the email lists are produced and run entirely by
unpaid volunteers as are all GEN services. We have no regular funding. It is
very important to GEN that both the newsletter and the email service stay free
to those with little income. To continue in this way we request a £5 suggested
donation from anyone that may be able to afford it.  Cheques & postal
orders to
be made payable to: ‘Genetix Update’.