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GE - GE Literature available in Nth America

Hey everyone,

A few of us in SF decided to start a GE info distribution service similar to 
what the Genetic Engineering Network (GEN) in the UK has.

I have collected a lot of good articles, leaflets, handouts, zines and 
contact information for videos relating to ge issues. The distro is by no 
means comprehensive. It is skewed toward what we are working on which is ge 
in agriculture.

We have tried to set fair prices. We are asking that people pay postage and 
a small copy fee (soemwhere around 5 cents a page).

If there is soemthing you want put on the distro,let us know. The distro 
list will be placed in different zines and e-mail networks and hopefully 
will expose people to these issues.Please let us know if you have any 
suggetsions,comments, critique.

genetiX action!
genetiX action Literature Distribution
This is a limited collection of information about genetic-engineering for 
activists. Some of us don't have access to the internet, or for that matter, 
want it! We do the computer work, you get the goods. Send cheque/money order 
made out to "Daniel McGowan" 1334 42 Avenue, SF, CA, 94122 Orders may take a 
few weeks if we don't have it. Please include money for postage or the 
distro will go bankrupt

General Info/Pamphlets
-Genetic Engineering and the Threat to Life- written by Sonoma EF!, 13 page 
zine that covers introduction to g.e. Also a self mailer (for a little over 
33 cents). Good "What to do" section, roundup of global actions and 
bibliography.   50 cents each.

-The Ecologist-  The Monsanto Files  (October 1998)- The famous edition that 
was pulped by the printers after Monsanto's objections. Excellent articles 
on Monsanto's history, lies, regulatory
revolving door, Round-Up, world hunger, grassroots resistance. A definite 
must-read. $3 (normal price $6) Each article from this edition is also 
available. (Just note which one you want).

-What is Genetic Engineering?  put out by the Woman's Environmental Network 
(UK) Excellent introductory 4 pager. Researched by Dr. Ricarda Steinbrecher. 
  25 cents

-Gene Foods- put out by the Women's Environmental Network. (4pp) 25 cents

-"Value your Family's Health"  double-sided handout perfect for leaf-letting 
at supermarkets, tabling at shows etc.  Looks like a coupon sheet but has 
information on Bt, Roundup, USDA
follies, a "What you can do" section with websites & phone numbers, snazzy 
graphics and  a space for you to put your local group's contact information. 
Made by local activists in the SF Bay Area. (2pp)  5 cents

-Genetic Engineering, Don't swallow it!- by Genetic Engineering Network 
(GEN) from the UK. talks about myths involving g.e  (pamphlet),   5 cents
-"Beware X Hazardous Food Ahead" --pamphlet by Women's Environmental Network 
(UK) 5 cents

Articles/longer critiques of g.e.
-"Playing God in the Garden" by Michael Pollan. NY Times ( 9 pps) 40 cents
--US Farmers Fear Crop Fallout-  Great BBC article on American farmers, the 
failure of Round- up, inability to export US corn to Europe..(3pp) 15 cents
-"Toying with Creation" by Dave Brian- about g.e. foods, labeling, interview 
with Food First. (3pp) 15 cents
-"The Unholy Alliance-  by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho (9 pp) 40 cents
-"The Biotech Century: Playing Russian Roulette with Mother Nature's 
Designs-Jeremy Rifkin. Great article from E Magazine 30 cents
-Interview with Dr. Pusztai info from the man who got fired for exposing the 
effect on Bt on rodents.( 3pp) 15 cents
-"Ethical and Spiritual Issues in Genetic Engineering" -Dr. Ron Epstein. 30 
-Butterfly experiment highlights biotech hazards-Brian Tokar. From Food and 
Water Journal Summer 1999 30 cents
-"Seeds Sow Controversy"-Op-ed piece from SF Chronicle on Terminator 
Technology (1pp) 5 cents
-"Bioethics: A third world issue" by Vandana Shiva (2pp) 10 cents
-"GE Food; A Serious Health Risk " By Dr. John Fagan  50 cents
-"Biotechnology vs. Biodiversity" by Brian Tokar from Wild Earth Spring 1996 
. 6pp 30 cents
-"Rachel's "Environment and Health Weekly" #622 October 29, 1998 entitled 
"Seeds of Destruction."
-"THIMMAKKA'S" -- Resources for Environmental Education -- Vol. 1 Number 2 
March 1999 -- The Neem Series: Part II, entitled "The Neem and WTO: 
-Corporate Concentration "Terminator Seeds: Monsanto Moves to Tighten Its 
Grip on Global Agriculture" by Hope Shand -Multinational Monitor 11/98 4pp  
20 cents
-"India Cheers While Monsanto Burns"  from The Ecologist Vol. 28 No. 1 
Jan/Feb 1999 by Paul Kingsnorth (1pp) 5 cents
-Test Tube Trees. About biotechnology and forestry. Put out by A-Seed and 
WEN (UK) (8 pp) 50 cents

-RAFI Communique- 1/99 Traitor Technology-The Terminator's Wider 
Implications. well written explanation of the Terminator. (6pp double-sided) 
50 cents
-RAFI Commuique-8/98 Seed Industry Consolidation- invaluable for figuring 
out who owns who in the Seed industry. (i.e. Mars bought Seeds of Change!) 
50 cents
-RAFI Communique-3/99 The Gene Giants-update on consolidation in the life 
industry. 75 cents
-"The Monsanto Monitor" by A SEED Europe  newsletter about ..well you know 
-"genetiX Update"- Put out by Genetic Engineering Network (GEN) Excellent 
coverage of actions worldwide 75 cents
Monsanto's Toxic Legacy- from the Deccan Herald (India) (2pp) 10 cents
-Bundle of articles surrounding Bt and Monarch Butterflies (3-6pp) 25 cents
-What is Terminator Technology? pamphlet by RAFI (10 cents)

G.E. Crops
-List of sites decontaminated in the US-quite small! (1pp) 5 cents
-Newly decontaminated sites in the UK- as you can imagine, being 
continuously revised (4pp) 25 cents
-"How to find test fields of g.e. crops in your city? (continuously revised) 
   5 pp. 50 cents
-A Gardener's Guide for Survival in the Modern World- funny leaflet with 
advice on crop decontamination

-Comprehensive list of www links for groups working against biotechnology- 
(1pp)   5 cents
-"Ten reasons why GE will not feed the World"- written by the Corner House. 
Ammo to use against the PR companies (3pp) 20 cents
-Colonizing the Seed- Genetic Engineering and Techno-Industrial Agriculture. 
Oldie but goodie put out by FOE-Melbourne. Pretty thick. Good bibliography. 
--Copies of Novartis's financial and annual reports, Novartis in the US 
brochure ($1)
--Miscellaneous group newsletters- free with any order!!!

Video: (not available through this distro)
1-genetiX Snowball- 7 minute video documenting their first action. To order 
(US format) contact Beth Burrows, The Edmonds Institute, 20319 92nd Avenue 
West, Edmonds, WA 98020 USA

2-"Against the Grain: Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of your 
Food": The Video. Marc Lappe and Brit Baily. To Order contact The Video 
Project, 200 Estates Drive, Ben Lomond, CA 95505, 1-800-4-PLANET Phone: 
408-336-0160 Fax 408-336-2168

3-"The Pies the Limit"-excellent video about the Biotic Baking Brigade and 
their delicious mischief. Video of Bob Shapiro (Pres-Monsanto) getting pied 
as well as great interviews and action shots. A must-see! $15 Activist price 
(More for organizations-contact WM for details).
Contact Whispered Media, POB 40130, SF, CA 94140, 415-789-8484.

4-"Food For Thought" --by Katherine Knight and Ed Schehl with Raindancer 
films and video. 28 min. 30sec.  POB 2794 Santa Cruz, CA 95063 (831) 

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