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GE - Nov. 26th is Buy Nothing Day!


This November 26th is Buy Nothing Day!

The weeks are counting down as we plan for this year's biggest eco-jam to
hit the streets during the shop-till-you drop season. In just 10 years, Buy
Nothing Day has grown to become a worldwide celebration of consumer
awareness that draws more than a million participants from an
ever-expanding list of countries.

This year, BND '99 is followed closely by the World Trade Organization
Conference in Seattle where policy makers will gamble with our social and
environmental future. We can take this chance to tell shoppers
about the joy of simple living and responsible consumption but let's do
even more. Let's get first world consumers to take a critical look at the
impact of this "global economy" we're fueling with every purchase.

Planning to observe Buy Nothing Day in your community?
Let others in on the action!

Even at this early date, we've received many letters asking for local
action contacts. You can bring BND celebrants in your neck of the woods
together by replying to this message with your contact information along
with a description of what you plan to do to. Your info will then be listed
on the BND section of the website under regional contacts.

Happy planning!

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