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GE - John Innes Centre play review

John Innes puts on a play - coming to a school near you? brief REVIEW

The John Innes play was performed at the JIC on Thursday evening. It
centered around an eternal triangle:

*a guy with "extreme views on everything" who is anti-GE

*his rather pathetic girlfriend who he dominates

*her scientist flatmate who teaches her to think for herself and swap
her anti-GE extremist for him

Moral of the story?!

Many thanks to Caroline Clark for this brief review :

Play was well written, entertaining, excellent acting - and appalling
propaganda.  Ignore Belinda's blurb in EDP - it's in fact about
manipulation, the characters of each other, the play of us.  By the way,
Belinda is very beautiful, lovely skin, exquisitely turned out -
obviously the JIC's PR Barbie doll !

Here are some comments I noted, both from the play and from the actors
in  role model afterwards, with BC as the "independent" scientific
interpreter (+ the producer with pro-GM attitude directing the
operation), responding to audience questions.

Big business is good - consumer has large sway - Monsanto provides 3rd
world with its expertise.

People are anti-GM because of opinions from the media -

Very positive GM can/will solve a lot of problems - GM makes crops
better: they last longer, need less herbicide .

There are regulations in developing GM - Government controls are in

Non-GM seed techniques use radiation etc. - cross-breeding since
Egyptians - GM more predictable than
conventional cross-breeding - potatoes are poisonous.

Direct Action - does the end justify the means - do we listen to the
issues or just pay attention to the person (i.e. it's the messenger's

NON-SCIENTISTS SHOULD NOT GET INVOLVED - lots of tests are done: it's
safe - there are risks with everything: that is why we need to find out.