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GE - Many charges dropped from SGE action

Many charges dropped from SGE action

Of the 46 people who were arrested and charged with conspiracy to cause
criminal damage after the Smash Genetic Engineering action on July 31st,
where an action was taken against a farm scale trial of GE maize, - 22
people have now had the charges dropped completely!

As far as all the others 44 are concerned, the conspiracy charges have all
been changed to aggravated trespass with some people also being charged
with criminal damage. 

It sounds like this change of charges was a political move to prevent
anybody putting GE on trial, it also removes the automatic right to trial
by jury (all conspiracy cases must be tried by jury)! 

The other news is that Gary Lawson, who had been on remand since the
action, has now been released and had the charges against him dropped.

The next court appearance in Lincoln for those facing their new charges is
September 13th.