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GE - Monsanto extends injunction against genetiX snowball

Monday  5th April 1999 Immediate Release

Monsanto extends injunction against genetiX snowball

On Friday 22nd March 1999 at the High Court in London, Monsanto applied to
it’s current injunction against genetiX snowball. They sought to increased the
list of sites for genetically modified (GM) plants at which genetiX snowball
actions are restrained. The Judge, The Honourable Mr Justice Eady, also
accepted an application by Monsanto that it should not be required to
provide a
list of any future GM test sites to the defendants,  but the Judge did order
Monsanto to promptly confirm details of their testsites when questioned by
genetiX snowball. The hearing foreshadows a critical summary judgement
application which is due for hearing on April 19th at the High Court. 

Monsanto obtained temporary injunctions last July against five women from
genetiX snowball who openly dug up almost two hundred GM plants at a
demonstration site at Model Farm, Shirburn in Oxfordshire.  Immediately prior
to the fourth genetiX snowball action in September last year, a sixth
defendant, genetiX snowball’s press liaison, was added to the injunction as
were all ‘members’ of  genetiX snowball, despite the fact that the campaign
no members.

The latest application by Monsanto PLC was prompted by genetiX snowball’s day
of action of 17th April entitled ‘Silent Spring - an action to make, our food
and our future free from genetically modified crops’. Monsanto’s injunction
restrains the six defendants [1] and all other ‘members’ of genetiX snowball,
from:  trespassing on Monsanto’s land and premises listed in the injunction;
uprooting destroying or otherwise interfering with any of  Monsanto’s
plants or
crops listed on the injunction or other Monsanto sites which have the consent
of the Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions (DETR) or other
government agencies to release genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and from
attempting or conspiring with or encouraging others to do likewise.

However the Judge added the following proviso to the injunction: The
shall be at liberty to make an enquiry sent by fax to Monsanto’s solicitors,
Rowe & Maw not less than four working days before the date of any intended
action stating the address of any site at which the Defendant intends to take
action.  Monsanto must, if it wishes to rely on the injunction, confirm
it holds a consent for the release of GMOs at that site, not later than the
third working day thereafter. The judge refused Monsanto’s request for the
defendants to pay it’s costs of the application, totalling £7,500.

Monsanto are represented  by  solicitors Rowe & Maw. The defendants are
represented by Daniel Bennett of solicitors Leigh, Day & Co. 

Press liaison:  Andrew Wood telephone: 0973 953 446  or page: 097654 247 502.
Editors Notes
[1] The six defendants are: Rowan Tilly, Jo Hamilton, Kathryn Tulip, Melanie
Jarman, Zoe Elford, Andrew Wood. The case number is 1998-M-No.1180. Breach of
injunction can carry a prison sentence of two years.
[2]  For a synopsis of the legal action to date contact Press liaison Andrew
Picture Editors Notes
[1] Photographs of genetiX snowball actions are available on ImageNet under
David Hoffman or ISF sections. David Hoffman: 0181 981 5041. ISF: 01628 542
554.  The David Hoffman photo library carries copies of photographs from the
first genetiX snowball action on 4th July 1998.  Video footage of the first
genetiX snowball action on July 4th 1998 by five women in Oxfordshire
on DVC /Beta/ VHS format from award winning film maker Zoe Broughton on: 0961
181 576