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GE - Going to jail.....

Hi everyone,
Monsanto is seeking an injunction that will effectively stop me doing my job.
Theyıre trying to extend a previous injunction which precludes people from
approaching within a mile or so of any genetic crop or their own research
facilities. If they get it, me and many other journalists and photographers,
will be prevented from travelling around large parts of the UK and the USA.
Internal exile perhaps?

Monsanto want a previous interim injunction that applied to a group of
activists to extend to anybody who received information from them. Since most
of my job involves receiving information I will obviously be prevented from
covering the stories I care about and which also tend to be in the public
interest. In addition, other companies will start seeking similar injunctions
so that eventually all forms of effective journalism could be banned. That
would obviously be the best case scenario for Monsanto.

The NUJ is representing me and a photographer in court in two weeks. Should be
quite a battle (especially as the injunction will also by default apply to
several MPs and many other journalists).

If they get it I will go to jail on principle and write that long awaited
science-fiction book.....

Danny Penman (I write for the Daily Express)