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GE - GM Free Custard Pies for Novartis man.

Subject: GM Free Custard Pies for Novartis man. 
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 13:23:52 PST 

Hi folks, 
We've just received an anonymous communique from "Just Desserts" about a 
recent action. It reads: 
Biotech man eats humble pie. 
At a public meeting on GM food in Somerset, Steve "smoothy" Smith of 
Novartis was flanned by members of "Just Desserts". Novartis is heavily 
involved in pushing hazardous GM food, placing human lives and ecosystem 
alike at risk for profit. Mr. Smith was sweet-talking the audience with 
his company's propaganda when the first GMO-free custard pie was 
"delivered". He rushed to the toilets to regain his corporate composure, 
only to be met by Captain Custard, who gave him a second helping. 
Feeling clearly sorry for himself, he returned to the debate to look for 
sympathy. Sadly, he got it from most of the audience. The organisers 
flatly condemned the "deplorable" action of "outsiders" (sound 
familiar?). It seems many felt this action was a counter-productive P.R. 
own goal. Some activists question whether public debates are the right 
place for such actions. Captain Custard says: "'Proper debate' is 
clearly irrelevant to corporations intent on forcing GM food down 
people's throats. We will continue to serve arrogant corporate fascists 
humble pie whenever possible. Resistance is sweet!" Just Desserts 
believe that P.R preoccupations can be restrictive, easily contained and 
can result in a serious loss of humour. The P.R. we like stands for Pie 
Note: This action was also taken in soldarity with 3 U.S. flanners 
sentenced recently to 6 months for dishing up justice on a plate to the 
mayor of San Francisco. 
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