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GE - monsanto single, check it out!

..................April 1st, 1999 - web release.................
Monsanto and Seize The Day
a unique collaboration
Because we know how much you care about the future of our planet,  we're
offering you a very special preview of a very special musical release.
To celebrate Monsanto's 60 year contribution to humanity, English folk band
"Seize The Day" present a moving musical tribute,  launched exclusively on the
To hear your special preview of the single "Food 'n' Health 'n' Hope",  visit
our private website at
<> ,  where you
can hear for yourself the true "Monsanto Story", uncoloured by prejudice or
If you like what you find, and would like to share the experience with other
like-minded people, feel free to make a link to our forthcoming web-site, at
<> , (on-line from 3rd April), or
copy the song and distribute it, copyright free.
Listen, Enjoy, Download and Distribute
Monsanto:  "We think you'll agree we've got something to sing about."