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GE - Major anti-globalisation conference

> Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 14:17:55 +0000 
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> Subject: Major anti-globalisation conference 
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> This is an announcement of a major international anti-globalisation
> conference being organised by the Ecologist Magazine in association with the
> International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC).  
> Entitled "from Global to Local" the conference aims to put forward the
> argument that there is an alternative to globalisation in the run up to the
> G8 meeting in Cologne in June. The target audience is not only the
> environmental / development / peace /justice community, but also other key
> decision makers. 
> Exploring the Alternatives to Globalisation 
> An evening of inspirational debate with 
> the BBC's John Humphrys 
> May 26th 1999 
> 7.00-10.00pm 
> The Royal Geographical Society 
> 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR 
> Speakers: 
> Author of "When Corporations Rule the World", 
> and his newly released book "The Post Corporate World, Life After
> Prominent Indian anti-GE activist and author of "Biopiracy - The Plunder 
> of Nature and Knowledge" 
> Director of ISEC and author of "Ancient Futures" 
> With an opening address by: 
> "America's Greatest living writer" 
> The conference is being organised by the International Society for 
> Ecology and Culture (ISEC) in association with The Ecologist Magazine 
> Tickets: 10 pounds (5 pounds low wage and concession), from ISEC: tel 01803
> 868650 or fax 01803 868651. Email: (Web-site
> Cheques preferred. People can send money through the post
> (if you want to do that kind of thing!) or pay on the door, but there might
> not be any tickets left!! 
> More information on the speakers: 
> Peter Matthiessen is author of numerous books including the best seller, 
> the Snow Leopard. He is believed by many to be one of America's greatest
> writers this century. Peter is also a powerful orator and rarely speaks in
> Britain. 
> David Korten is the best-selling author of When Corporations Rule the 
> World, who is one of the world's leading critical thinkers on 
> globalisation. David will be making his first appearance in the country 
> since the publication of his new book called, The Post-Corporate World - 
> Life After Capitalism. The author of eight other books, he has over 
> thirty-five years of experience in business, academic and international 
> development institutions. 
> Vandana Shiva is a physicist, philosopher and feminist and a leading 
> international activist against genetic engineering. She is author of 
> Biopiracy - The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge as well as other books, 
> such as The Violence of the Green Revolution, Monocultures of the Mind,
> Ecofeminism and Staying Alive: Women, Ecology and Development. 
> Helena Norberg-Hodge is the Director of the International Society for 
> Ecology and Culture and her book, Ancient Futures, has been translated 
> into over 30 languages. Helena has twenty-five years of counter- 
> development experience in Ladakh.  
> Both Helena and Vandana are recipients of the Right Livelihood Award - 
> or the Alternative Nobel Prize for their work on ecological issues. 
> More information on ISEC: 
> If you want to know more about ISEC or our Global to Local campaign, please
> either phone or check out our new web-site at: We are also
> asking people to sign our Global to Local Declaration, which we can fax
you a
> copy of, or you can sign it on the web.