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GE - 'Biodevastation 3' -- Corrected Dates

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(during the time of BIO 99):

The Edmonds Institute and the Washington Biotechnology Action Council are
acting as hosts for this third in a continuing series of gatherings about
genetic engineering around the world. The first two were in St. Louis and
New Delhi.

Co-sponsors to date are NERAGE (Northeast Resistance Against Genetic
Engineering),the Council for Responsible Genetics, the Institute for
Agriculture and Trade Policy, and anyone else who wants to add their
organizational name to the list (The only cost is that you must promise to
send out the announcement to all your friends and lists.).

The schedule is still firming up but it looks like a teach-in with strategy
sessions. At this point we have promises from Professor Martha Crouch ("How
the Terminator Terminates..."), Elaine Ingham (the scientist who shared with
us all the problems with Klebsiella planticola, a genetically engineered
microorganism that might have spelled the end of agriculture), Brian Tokar
(Z man from the Institute for Social Ecology), Brewster (newest book:
"Farmageddon") and Cathleen (co-editor of The Ram's Horn and organizer
of community food councils across Canada) Kneen, Dr. Michael Hanson (from
Consumer Union's Consumer Policy Institute - the guy who fights rBGH,
mad cows, and most of the insanity in our food system), and Phil Bereano
(activist professor, expert in genetic discrimination, who's been
fighting techno-insanity for a long time while also working with the
American Civil Liberties Union). Also highly likely to be in attendance are
Ronnie Cummins (the Safe Food Guardian of Global Days of Action and editor
of Food Bytes) and Andy Kimbrell (lawyer extraordinaire whose organization
and terrific staff are currently waging battle against BT crops,
bioprospecting in Yellowstone, unlabelled G-E food, and..well, it's a big

Currently being enticed to join us: Mitchell Cohen (Green Person of Brooklyn
and Paris and all places where the Red Balloon can fly) and a few choice

There will be NO charge for the event (and we'll even throw in a free lunch
both days).

So mark your calendar, call your Seattle friends, and tell 'em you're coming
to visit May 19 and 20.

More details forthcoming soon. If you want to co-sponsor or pre-
register to ensure space, send in your request to

We expect a big crowd. BIODEVASTATION 3  coincides with BIO 99, the
biotech industry's annual convention, also in Seattle this year.
To pre-register, email