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GE - CWS as a national target

The suggestion that the CWS should be targetted nationally has been made.
 I`d be interested to see who people feel about making them the next M&S. 
Here is some inside info from the CWS.
CWS inside info:
Current position is that we have (a) told all Co-op Brand suppliers to take
out all possible GM ingredients (including proteins, derivatives, etc.), but
(b) we then say for some reason that there may be products where it isn't
possible to find alternatives and so we'll keep on selling them as long as
they are labelled.

Have campaigners sought/had a meeting with CWS to clarify the position? The
most logical person to meet with is Bill Shannon, Head of Corporate Affairs.

The other thing that campaigners should bear in mind is that - unlike M&S
etc. - CWS is a democratic organisation with members, the CWS AGM is at the
end of May, and it is currently open to the members' committees to be
submitting motions for same.
I guiess what we are looking for is to get them out speaking publically about
the issue and prefferably making the commitment to go GM-Free. Who is
to request a meeting with them.
Love and luck from Lindsay