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GE - PQs - animal feed meetings and ACRE

 The Independent (London) March 19, 1999, Friday 
 ALMOST FOUR million tons of imported soya and maize feed purchased 
 by  livestock farmers in 1997 and 1998 would have been derived from 
 genetically modified crops, Agriculture minister Jeff Rooker said. 

Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment PQ
Mr. Stinchcombe: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, 
Transport and the Regions for what reason employees of environmental 
non-Governmental organisations are not eligible for membership of the 
Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment; and if he will make a 
statement. [76271]

Mr. Meacher: There is no such barrier to employees of environmental 
non-governmental organisations becoming members of ACRE. The present 
ACRE includes one member who is employed by Green Alliance, although she 
serves in her individual capacity and not as a representative of that 
GMO Meetings PQ
Mr. Baker: To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he 
will list the occasions since 29 July 1998 when (a) he, (b) his 
colleagues and (c) his officials have met representatives of 
biotechnology or seed companies, stating in each case (i) what matters 
were discussed, (ii) what the outcome of the meeting was and (iii) the 
names of those at the meeting. [70555]
Mr. Rooker [holding answer 11 February 1999]: I refer the hon. Member to 
the reply given to my hon. Friend the Member for South Swindon (Ms 
Drown) on 19 November 1998, Official Report, column 285, in which dates 
of ministerial meetings with companies about genetically modified 
organisms are provided. No further meetings of this type have taken 
place since the answer was provided. 
I can also confirm that the following meetings between officials and 
biotechnology/seed companies have taken place since 29 July 1998: 
Meetings with biotechnology/seed companies and officials since 29 July 
Meetings to discuss pesticide regulatory matters
Company Date of meeting Company 
Date of meeting 
Novartis 3 August 1998 
Monsanto 18 November 1998 
Zeneca 6 August 1998 Zeneca 
28 January 1999 
Novartis 22 September 1998 
Zeneca 5 February 1999 
AgrEvo 23 September 1998 Novartis 
11 February 1999 
AgrEvo 14 October 1998 Novartis 
16 February 1999 
Novartis 5 November 1998 
AgrEvo and Rhone-Poulenc 22 February 1999 
Novartis 9 November 1998 
Zeneca 8 March 1999 
Cyanamid 11 November 1998 Cyanamid 
9 March 1999 
Zeneca 12 November 1998 Zeneca 
10 March 1999 
Cyanamid 17 November 1998 Cyanamid 
11 March 1999 
AgrEvo 18 November 1998---- 

Meetings with the Supply Chain Initiative on Modified Agricultural Crops 

Meetings with SCIMAC to discuss the industry's progress towards 
establishing guidelines for the growing of new types of herbicide 
tolerant crops took place on the following dates: 2 October 1998, 9 
October 1998, 13 November 1998, 9 December 1998, 11 December 1998, 29 
January 1999 and 3 February 1999. 

Meetings to discuss research projects

Meetings to discuss various research projects, including those under the 
BRIGHT (Botanical and Rotational Implications of GM Herbicide Tolerance) 
project, SAPPIO (Sustainable Arable Production through Precision and 
Input optimisation) project and environmental management and wildlife 
conservation projects, took place with companies listed below on the 
dates given.

Company Date of meeting Company 
Date of meeting 
Monsanto, AgrEvo and Cyanamid 28 July 1998 Dow Agrosciences 
and Monsanto 14 December 1998 Monsanto 
30 July 1998 Dow Agrosciences 5 
January 1999 
Zeneca and AgrEvo 3 August 1998 CPB 
Twyford and PGS8 January 1999 
Zeneca 5 August 1998 Zeneca 
11 January 1999 Advanta 19 October 1998 
Cyanamid, Monsanto and AgrEvo 27 January 1999 Advanta Seeds 
2 December 1998

Meetings related to administration of plant breeders' rights and related 
The administration of plant breeders' rights, national listing and seed 
certification call for frequent meetings and other contacts between 
officials and representatives of plant breeding and seed companies. 
Since 29 July 1998 officials of the Plant Variety Rights & Seeds 
Division have had meetings with members of Sharpes International Seeds 
Ltd., Midland Shires Farmers, J. E. & V. M. Doultons Ltd., M. Hancocks & 
Son Ltd., Monsanto, Pioneer Hibred, Novartis, English Sugar Beet Co., 
AgrEvo, Advanta Seeds, CPB Twyfords, and the British Agro Chemical 
Association. The Plant Health & Seeds Inspectorate also made numerous 
visits to seed companies and held discussions with them in pursuance of 
the Inspectorate's duties. 
Other meetings 
A meeting took place with Monsanto on 20 January 1999 to discuss their 
GM cotton seed application under EC Regulation 90/220.