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GE - list of currently active GE winter oilseed rape sites

List of currently active GE winter oilseed rape sites.

[I would like to point out to Jeff Rooker, alleged Food Safety Minister,  that
these GE sites, that were active all through the winter, add up to far more
than two football pitches. I am also quite intrigued to see the size of his
dining room table if he thinks that the average size of each of these sites is
the same size as that. To tell the truth I am more inclined to think that his
imagination is larger than all the sites put together and would like to ask
just why he has repeatedly lied outright when challenged directly on this
particular point, both on radio interviews and in recent parliamentary
questions (see end of email) ? - Jacklyn @ GEN]

As we are sending this in simple text format - it may prove difficult to read.
If you would like to receive it as an attachment please send an email to
<> and ask for the list of active winter oilseed
rape sites. Alternatively send an large SAE (to :GEN, PO Box 9656, London, N4
4NL), with a 31 pence stamp on it and ask GEN for details on currently active
GE release sites.

GMO deliberate release sites in the spring of 1999
(Thanks to genetiX snowball for lots of help with this)

These are the sites which have been given consent for planting in
99. If you confirm that they are active then let us know. There will be many
more sites later in the year. 
All of this info has come from the Public Register, with updates from Feb 99.
As the register gives no information as to whether or not a site is being used
it is very possible that not all of these sites are actually active. We have
just tried to work out which ones might be  blame the biotech unit at the DETR
for this difficulty  0171 890 5278. Email

Late Addition! GEN has just obtained a first version of a DETR document on
sites that will be definitely be active later this year. We will send this out
to all local groups and to any one else that asks us for it!

Key: pg. is page number in the GMO public register index.  GMO ref. is a
number that  refers to each deliberate release, as you can see there may be
several sites within each consent.  All the following sites are listed as
growing Winter Oilseed rape, usually planted around September of each year,
harvested between June/July of the following year.

GMO ref. 
96/R22/689MonsantoTillycorthie Farm, Undy stationUndyAberdeenshire0.75 haNG
98/R30/389CPB TyfdSAC, Tillycorthie, UdnyAberdeenshire160 mNJ 908 229 
98/R20/295NIABScottish Agricultur College, Tillycorthie
98/R30/389CPB TyfdADAS research Boxworth,BoxworthCambs160 mTL 345 635 
96/R22/657MonsantoADAS research Boxworth,BoxworthCambs7500 mTL 34   635 
97/R30/274CPB TyfdADAS research Boxworth,BoxworthCambs1 haTL 345 635 
98/R30/389CPB TyfdNIAB, Huntingdon Road,CambridgeCambs160 mTL 430 610 
98/R20/295NIABTrial Ground NIAB, Huntington RdCambridgeCambs6.6hnone 
98/R30/389CPB TyfdGrange Farm, Little Abington,CambridgeCambs160 mTL 534 505 
96/R22/657MonsantoGrange Farm, Little AbingtonCambridgeCambs7500 mTL 45   55 
96/R22/657MonsantoNIAB Huntingdon Road,CambridgeCambs7500 mTL 424 619 
97/R30/274CPB TyfdNIAB, Huntingdon Road,CambridgeCambs1 haTL 424 619 
98/R30/389CPB TyfdSvalf Weibull Ltd, Abborts Ripton,HuntingdonCambs160 mTL 240
98/R15/2495PGSNIAB, Huntington Rd, HuntingtonCambs<400mTL 4327 6025 
98/R30/389CPB TyfdMaris Lane,TrumpingtonCambs160 mTL 425 520 
97/R19/1673AgrEvoChishill Orchard Fm, Heydon RdRoystonCambs4800 mTL 429 393 
96/R22/657MonsantoBoghall Farm, Biggar RoadHillendEdnbgh7500 mNT 24 65 
97/R19/1775AgrEvoCults Farm,CuparFife1 haNO 357 106 
98/R30/389CPB TyfdNIAB Martyr Worthy,WinchesterHamps160 mSU 518 341 
96/R22/657MonsantoADAS Bridgets, Martyr Worthy,WinchesterHamps7500 mSU 51
97/R30/274CPB TyfdCamps Whittlesford, Newton,RoystonHerts1 haTL 444 491 
97/R22/1368MonsantoFarnham Hall Fs, Farnham Green,Bishops StortfordHerts< 2
464 259 
97/R22/1368MonsantoVine Farm, WendyRoystonHerts< 2 ha TL 32 46 
98/R27/3PerryfieldChishill Orchard Farm, Heydon Rd, Great
419 393 
98/R20/295NIABIACR Rothamsted, HarpendenHerts6hnone 
97/R22/1368MonsantoOld Manor Farm, SewsternGranthamLeics< 2 haSK 89   20 
97/R19/1775AgrEvoHaverton Park Farm, EwerbySleafordLincs1 haTL 116 488 
98/R30/389CPB TyfdDalby Farms LtdBrigsleyLincs160 mTA 253 024 
96/R22/657MonsantoDalby House, DalbySpilsbyLincs7500 mTA 25  02 
97/R19/1775AgrEvoEast Winch Hall, E. WinchKings LynnNorfk1 haTF 705 163 
97/R19/1673AgrEvoEast Winch Hall, E. WinchKings LynnNorfk4800 mTF 705 163 
98/R30/389CPB TyfdMorley Research CentreWymondhamNorfk160 mTM 063 997 
98/R20/295NIABMorley Research CentreWymondhamNork6hnone 
98/R27/3PerryFieldEast Winch HallEast WinchNorfk<5000mTF 705 163 
98/R30/389CPB TyfdTop Brackendale, Cropwell ButlerBingamNotts160 mSK 690 387 
97/R19/1775AgrEvoHall FarmKneetonNotts1 haSK 709 461 
97/R19/1775AgrEvoHall Farm, ThwaiteEyeSufk1 haTM 110 685 
98/R20/295NIABIACR Brooms Barn, HighamBury 
St EdmondsSuffolk6.7hnone 
98/R30/389CPB TyfdEast Lodge Fm, StantonBroadwayWorcs160 mSP 058 346 
96/R22/657MonsantoEast Lodge Fm, StantonBroadwayWorcs7500 mSP 058 347 
98/R27/397PerryfieldEast Lodge Farm, StantonBroadwayWorc<5000mSP 058 346 
97/R19/1775AgrEvoJSR Farms LtdDriffieldYork E1 haSE 991 543 
98/R30/389CPB TyfdUni of Leeds, Headley HallTadcasterYork N160 mSE 443 414 
96/R22/657MonsantoUni of Leeds, Headley HallTadcasterYork N7500 mSE 44  41 

The following research site is listed as growing Poplar  (The only GM trees in
this country.)
95/R1/428ZenecaJealottís Hill Research StationBracknellBerks3600 mSU 870 730 

Please note: There are several research farms which have several test field
sites for non-GM plants as well as several GM deliberate release sites, this
makes identifying and inspecting deliberate release sites problematic.
Examples include The NIAB (National Insitute Agricultural Biology) Huntingdon
Road, (the centre of seed certification in the country) The various ADAS
(Agricultural Development & Advisory Service) centres.

Copies of the public register are available from the Biotech unit at the DETR
(in theory)
The easiest way though is to check out websites. 
Norfolk have details of sites in their area -
For other sites see -
There is the DETR's own website which is apparently being updated to include
details of all currently active sites (donít hold your breath for this).
Most of the sites on this sheet are grid referenced. However ,if there is not
one you have to have an idea of what a test site actually looks like
because it
is extremely important that you visit the right one, should you be the
type. Many farms are experimental farms and therefore have lots of test
sites -
not all are going to be GE! 
Field trials usually have the GE crop planted on a small area and a barrier
crop around it. This barrier crop is generally a conventional variety of the
same crop. It is placed there to catch any pollen, which maybe carried by wind
or insects. There is not necessarily a gap between the GE crop and the barrier
Other sites are in nets. They have the GE crop inside and a barrier crop
each one. Sites can also be in strips, usually in groups of three. It is the
middle section that will always be GE and the other two normally conventional
barrier crops. 

For information on what to do if you have a test site near you :-
1. Got a test site near you?   - ideas on publicising the site, engaging with
farmers etc  GEN has copies.
2. A Gardeners Guide for Survival in the Modern World  taking direct action
against a site GEN has copies.
3. genetix snowball Handbook for Action  0161 834 0295

GEN neither condemns nor condones different types of action against test
For those who wish to openly take direct action against test sites contact
genetix snowball

Mr. Gray: The Minister seems to have admitted that his use of the 
image of two football pitches in a recent interview was substantially 
misleading because, in the middle of winter, soya beans grow, but 
nothing else.
 [another seriously entirely inaccurate point]
 The more accurate figure, given by the Under-Secretary 
of State for Social Security, the hon. Member for Wallasey (Angela 
Eagle), was that 846 acres were under cultivation last July, which is 
about 400 football pitches. Will the Minister admit that he used a 
misleading image on the "Today" programme because he was so concerned 
about the public's notion of what GM means that he was trying to allay 
their fears by using substantially misleading statistics? 

Mr. Rooker: Since that interview, I have double checked the briefing 
provided to me by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the 
Regions, which oversees these trials. I was quite right to point out 
what the position actually was in February to people who were being 
told that the countryside is covered in trials of GM crops. Although 
we can talk about large-scale field planting in the spring, summer and 
autumn, the reality at the time when I was interviewed was that an 
area smaller than two football pitches was being covered.