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GE - The GM Food Guide - leaflets

John Elkington has been working for Monsanto, via SustainAbility. 
SustainAbility resigned the contract in January - you can see the statement
written about it on their website:
<>  The
relationship was a completely open one - with organisations like Greenpeace
- and they did not put pressure on to resign the contract.  This was an
internal decision, after consultation with SustainAbility's international
network.  And done on the basis of insufficient progress being made by

The debate at the science Museum was organised by us - John Elkington did
the introduction.  If you would like to talk to John and get a clearer idea
of where he is coming from, please do call:  Office number: 0171 937 9996. 
I would also be happy to talk and tell you more about our plans:  Tel:
01935 823 972.

Best wishes,

Julia Hailes
From: genetics <>
To: Julia Hailes <>
Subject: Re: The GM Food Guide - leaflets
Date: 18 March 1999 00:32

I seem to remember reading somewhere that either yourself or John Elkington
have also worked with Monsanto in some way recently. Was it connected to
'Sustainability' and also the debate at the science museum? 

Can you please clarify the relationship as I would like to be clear about
this connection before promoting a book and getting any surprises later on?
Please forgive me if this is completely inaccurate.
Many thanks in advance,

Jacklyn @ GEN

At 09:13 17/03/99 +0000, you wrote:
>John Elkington and I are writing 'The GM Food Guide', to be published in
>July this year (tight deadlines permitting).  We will have flyers printed
>about the book.  Would it be possible to arrange for these flyers to be
>distributed at demonstrations, such as this one in Plymouth.
>The book will explain the issues relating to GM food production and the
>extent to which it has already penentrated the food chain.  We are
>out an extensive survey of food manufacturers, retailers, hotels and
>restaurants to give up to the minute information on their policies.  And
>will also be giving information on the position of the life science
>companies as well as campaigning organisations.  There will be a directory
>section at the back including local organisations that people can contact
>if they want to get involved.
>John Elkington and I are the co-authors of 'The Green Consumer Guide' and
>many other publications.  
>Look forward to hearing from you.
>Best wishes,
>Julia Hailes