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GE - Derbyshire Council adopts GM food policy

[well done for all your hard work on this one Jim - Love and respect from GEN]

It gives me great pleasure to forward this article, as this action by
Derbyshire, (my home county), County Council is the culmination of much
effort by many people. Many thanks to the County Analyst, and the policy
J Mc Nulty


A new policy on genetically modified food has been adopted by Derbyshire
County Council, which means contractors will have to take all possible
steps to ensure their products are GM free.
Suppliers will also be asked to provide documentary evidence of the steps
they are taking to comply with the policy.
The authority has added its support to the five year freeze campaign, which
calls for a moratorium on the growing of genetically engineered crops for
commercial purposes and an end to imports of GM foods.
And, members of the Policy and Resources Committee agreed to write to all
Derbyshire MPs and appropriate MEPs informing them of their concerns on the
growing, labelling and consumption of genetically modified products.
It is estimated that up to 40% of last year's US crop was genetically
modified and up to 60% of processed food on sale in the UK contains soya
ingredients in various forms.
Council leader Martin Doughty said: "Not enough is known about the
potential long-term effects on people's health from eating genetically
modified foods so it is sensible for us to adopt this precautionary
"The lack of any clear and understandable labelling on genetically modified
foods means we cannot ban them outright so it important to have a policy
that can be effectively policed."
"We have a responsibility to consumers, parents and service users who may
have concerns about these products, which is why we have decided to
introduce this new policy."
Under the new rules no GM food will be supplied to County Council meals
services which falls under the current labelling requirements, although
this means that GM food derivatives and additives would not necessarily be
The Council's public analyst laboratories are in the process of buying
state of the art equipment, which can detect genetically modified
ingredients in food.

17 March 1999

Press inquiries to Nigel Richardson on (01629) 585031

Public Analyst Division
Derbyshire County Council
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