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Sainsbury's go GE free!!

Brilliant News - Sainsbury’s go GE free!!!

Sainsbury’s have today (17.3.99) committed to removing  all GE  ingredients
from their  own brand products. They have also set up an international
consortium of food retailers and industry experts to establish and maintain
non-GE sources for food products. 

According to their press office, they have “no plans” to restock the Tomato
paste that was launched on to the UK market in conjunction with Safeway and
Zeneca in 1996. It was the first labelled GE product to go on sale in the UK.

The news follows hot on the heels of the decision by M&S to go GE free that
announced on Monday. M&S have also joined the international consortium along
with Carrefour (France), Superquinn (Ireland), Effelunga (Italy), Migros 
(Switzerland) and Delhaize  (Belgium). 

Sainsbury’s state that this consortium “creates a long term commitment to the
farming and commodity industries in order to respond to customer demand and
produce GM free foods”

Their Environmental Manager adds “By working with food retailers and
we will give UK shoppers what they want.”

The statement ends with a note about derivatives “Sainsbury’s are  working on
all own brand products which contain ingredients which could be GM
such as soya oil and lecithin. Wherever possible alternatives are being found
but ….if this is not possible these products will discontinued”

GEN has heard that Tesco’s are having emergency meetings on the future of GE
ingredients in their own brands as we write this.