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GE -pqs from 12 / 3

> 12/3/99 
> Genetically Modified Products PQ 
> Joan Ruddock: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry 
> what assessment he has made of the safety of cosmetics containing 
> genetically modified products into which antibiotic resistance gene 
> markers have been inserted when used by people undergoing antibiotic 
> treatment for skin conditions. [76056] 
> Dr. Howells: Under the Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 1996, 
> cosmetic products must be assessed by their manufacturers for safety 
> to ensure that they are not harmful to human health. 
> My Department has made no assessment of the safety of cosmetics 
> containing ingredients which may be derived from a genetically 
> modified source, but we will be supporting the moves proposed by the 
> European Commission Scientific Steering Committee to develop 
> harmonised guidelines for Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) risk 
> assessments for cosmetic products. 
> 12/3/99 
> Genzyme Corporation PQ 
> Mr. Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will list 
> the licence applications received since 1 May 1997 from the Genzyme 
> Corporation, indicating which (a) involve the injection of cells from 
> pigs into human brains and (b) have been submitted for consideration 
> to UKXIRA. [72571] 
> Mr. Hutton [holding answer 22 February 1999]: Applications to the 
> United Kingdom Xenotransplantation Interim Regulatory Authority 
> (UKXIRA) must be submitted in accordance with the requirements set out 
> in "Guidance on making proposals to conduct xenotransplantation on 
> human subjects". Copies of the guidance is available through the 
> Department of Health, PO Box 410, Wetherby, LS23 7LL. The UKXIRA 
> Website (address also gives details of both 
> of the guidance and the work of the authority. 
> Information contained in applications is submitted in confidence. The 
> number of applications received has not changed since the answer given 
> on 4 February 1999, Official Report, column 776. 
parliamentary question... 
> 12/3/99 
> Biotechnological Companies PQ 
> Mr. Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry how 
> many unminuted pre-arranged meetings occurred between (a) himself, (b) 
> Ministers in his Department and (c) his officials and representatives 
> of the biotechnological industry sector since 1 May 1998. [74838] 
> Mr. Battle [holding answer 5 March 1999]: I and my officials are in 
> regular contact with representatives of all those with an interest in 
> biotechnology--including environmental groups, consumer groups and 
> biotechnology companies. It is not normal practice of governments to 
> give details of specific meetings with private individuals or 
> companies. 
> Mr. Baker: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if he 
> will list the biotechnological companies which have placed staff (a) 
> on secondment and (b) on placement within his Department since 1 May 
> 1997. [74839] 
> Mr. Battle [holding answer 5 March 1999]: Secondments and attachments 
> are part of the Interchange Initiative which promotes the exchange of 
> people and good practice between the Civil Service and other 
> organisations. All sectors of the economy are involved: Voluntary, 
> Education, Health, Public and Private. 
> I refer the hon. Member to the answer given by my hon. Friend the 
> Minister for Competition and Consumers Affairs to the hon. Member for 
> Wantage (Mr. Jackson) on 11 February 1999, Official Report, columns 
> 405-10. This refers to the list of companies which currently have 
> staff on secondment in my department and the DTI directorate in which 
> they have been placed. In addition I attach a further list of those 
> companies which have had staff on secondment to the department on or 
> after 1 May 1997, which are no longer on the current list. 
> Management unit Company 
> BL 1 NatWest 
> BNSC National Remote Sensing Centre 
> Ltd. 
> BNSC Matra Marconi Space UK Ltd. 
> CACP Herbert Smith 
> CB Engineering & Physical Sciences 
> Research Council 
> Communications and Information NEL 
> Communications and Information ICL 
> Communications and Information NEL 
> Communications and Information Reuters Ltd. 
> Communications and Information Slaughter & May 
> Company Law and Investigations Robson Rhodes 
> Company Law and Investigations Littlejon Frazer 
> Company Law and Investigations The Bank of England 
> EED Amec Process & Energy Ltd. 
> EID Lockstair Ltd. 
> EID GEC Marconi Avionics 
> Engineering Industries Toyota 
> Engineering Industries Honda 
> Engineering Industries Mechadyne Ltd. 
> Engineering Industries BAA 
> Engineering Industries British Steel plc 
> Engineering Industries MITI Export PromotionIMI 
> plc 
> Export Promotion Ocean Group plc 
> Export Promotion Continental Tyre Group Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Reuters Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Elliott Pearce Limited 
> Export Promotion British Marine Equipment Council 
> Export Promotion Food Process Engineering 
> (Scotland) Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Allied Domecq plc 
> Export Promotion HSBC Holdings plc 
> Export Promotion Midland Bank plc 
> Export Promotion The Society of Motor 
> Manufacturers and Traders Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Mayell & Co. 
> Export Promotion British Aerospace Defence Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Weybourne Financial Services 
> Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Iternational Knitwear 
> Export Promotion Smith Kline Beecham 
> Export Promotion Morlands (Glastonbury) Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Balfour Beatty Limited 
> Export Promotion Business Link 
> Export Promotion British American Tobacco Co. 
> Ltd. 
> Export Promotion AMEC Process and Energy Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Geoteam Wimpol Limited 
> Export Promotion York Synthetics Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Unilever International 
> Export Promotion AMW Associates 
> Export Promotion British Aerospace plc 
> Export Promotion BT plc 
> Export Promotion GEC Marconi Communications Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Sims Portex Limited 
> Export Promotion Glengarnock Garments Ltd. 
> Export Promotion GEC Marconi Avionics Ltd. 
> Export Promotion International Distributor Centre 
> Export Promotion Lanimer Knitwear Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Marks and Spencer plc 
> Export Promotion Meggitt plc 
> Export Promotion Drinks Marketing Consortium 
> Export Promotion The West India Committee 
> Export Promotion Delamore Associates Ltd. 
> Export Promotion ICI plc 
> Export Promotion River Don Castings Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Glaxo Wellcome Plc 
> Export Promotion Nat West Markets 
> Export Promotion Alan Paine Knitwear Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Reyrolle Projects Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Barclays Bank plc 
> Export Promotion CRL 
> Export Promotion Texaco Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Genesis Communications 
> Export Promotion John Swire & Sons Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Institute of Export 
> Export Promotion Hydro Technologies Ltd. 
> Export Promotion Turner & Newell plc 
> Export Promotion World Trade Development Limited 
> Export Promotion AEA Technology plc 
> Export Promotion Knight Piesold Limited 
> GO-SW Normalair-Garrett Limited 
> GO-SW (Plym) Westcountry Development 
> Corporation Ltd. 
> I Arthur Andersen 
> IBB British Telecom plc 
> IBB British Embassy Tokyo 
> IEP Airsys ATM 
> Insurance Price Waterhouse 
> Insurance Coopers & Lybrand 
> Insurance PricewaterhouseCoopers 
> Insurance Guardian Royal Exchange 
> Assurance plc 
> Nuclear Industries Rolls-Royce & Associates 
> Nuclear Industries Hunting Engineering Ltd. 
> Nuclear Industries BNFL 
> Nuclear Industries 2 BNFL 
> Nuclear Industries TU Nuclear Electric Ltd. 
> Oil & Gas 2 Mobil North Sea Limited 
> OSO Trafalgar John Brown Oil & Gas 
> OST ICI Chemicals & Polymers Ltd. 
> OST British Computer Society 
> PORT Burton Group (Local Enterprise 
> Ltd.) 
> RD Robson Rhodes 
> REG A Hambros Bank Limited 
> REG A Royal Bank Leasing Limited 
> SMD Chesterton International plc 
> SMEP 3 Grant Thornton 
> SMEP 3 Lloyds TSB Group plc