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GE - CORRECTION - Chance to question EU Commissioner on gmos - Corrections

We previously forwarded you the message below.† However, please note the
following corrections:

1) The correct web address is

2)The chat with Commissioner Emma Bonino is postponed until Wednesday 24
March, from 6pm to 8pm (CET / GMT+1)


Date: 12 March 1999 18:33
Subject: Chance to question EU Commissioner on gmos

>European Commissioner for Consumer Policy, Emma Bonino, is hosting an
>internet chat line session on 15 March on a variety of questions including
>"Are GMOs really dangerous?".
>The chat line will operate between 18h and 20hr (GMT+1/CET) and you can log
>on at <>†† You will
to download specific
>software from the site which is available from there now.† You can already
>submit questions IN ADVANCE, which will be used to launch the session.
>Jack Cunningham (UK Cabinet Minister with overall responsibility for
>biotechnology policy) recently sent a list of 46 questions to his advisers
>(leaked to the Guardian newspaper).† One of these was: "Why donít we
>a pharmaceutical type analysis of the safety of these foods with proper
>It might be helpful if A LOT of people asked Mrs Bonino this question, and
>mentioning that Jack Cunningham would like an answer to this question too.
>After all we know it when we are taking pharmaceuticals, but we don't know
>when we are eating GM food.† So if anything testing for GM foods should be
>more rigorous than for pharmaceuticals. At present the opposite is true.