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GE - Chance to question EU Commissioner on gmos

European Commissioner for Consumer Policy, Emma Bonino, is hosting an
internet chat line session on 15 March on a variety of questions including
"Are GMOs really dangerous?".

The chat line will operate between 18h and 20hr (GMT+1/CET) and you can log
on at <>†† You will need
to download specific
software from the site which is available from there now.† You can already
submit questions IN ADVANCE, which will be used to launch the session.

Jack Cunningham (UK Cabinet Minister with overall responsibility for
biotechnology policy) recently sent a list of 46 questions to his advisers
(leaked to the Guardian newspaper).† One of these was: "Why donít we require
a pharmaceutical type analysis of the safety of these foods with proper

It might be helpful if A LOT of people asked Mrs Bonino this question, and
mentioning that Jack Cunningham would like an answer to this question too.

After all we know it when we are taking pharmaceuticals, but we don't know
when we are eating GM food.† So if anything testing for GM foods should be
more rigorous than for pharmaceuticals. At present the opposite is true.