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GE - GMO London march & rally on April 10th

[GEN, and the majority of camapigning groups against GE, only heard about this
as of last week. While we are sad that it was not discussed beforehand with
such groups working hard on this issue, we hope that there is a large turnout
on the day. When events of such importance are being considered it surely
sense to approach others to maximise the potential so that we could all have
some input and use our networks effectively to publicise it more widely
ensuring large numbers. It would also have been nice to have discussed the
'demands' below for feedback. Just a personal thought. ]


This is to let you know that GMO Campaign is organising a major march and
rally in Central London on 10 Aprill 1999.

The aims of this are for a moratorium on the deployment of genetically
modified organisms, pending:
    a.. A national debate, through which the British public can be fully
    informed on the issues and implications
    b.. Conclusive scientific proof of long term safety for humans and other
Full and clear labeling of products with any GM content, and prominent
labeling of shelving in shops where such products are on sale.

Full details of the event will be forwarded shortly.

In the meantime please keep in touch with our web page (sponsored by the
Millennium Debate) at:


To help this event have impact and make some difference we would be grateful
if you 
would assist with any of the following:

- circulate this information as widely as possible
- link to the above address from your website (we have provided a link to you)
- give an indication of numbers likely to attend from your circle of contacts
- let us know of any help you can provide with stewarding
- let us know if you can help with enlisting prominent supporters
- let us know of numbers of posters and flyers you could use.

Thank you in anticipation.

Sarah Brown