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GE - Attempted Pie Action against Lord Sainsbury

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Date sent:      Sun, 7 Mar 1999 11:10:04 -0800 (PST)
From:           Pallas Anonymous Remailer 
Subject:        Attempted Pie Action against Lord Sainsbury

It has come to our attention that on Friday 5th February the group Welsh 
Action Against Genetics (WAAG) attempted to pie the UK governments 
science minister Lord David Sainsbury while he was on a tour of Swansea 

One WAAG activist failed in their mission to deliver a organic cream pie 
into the face of Lord Sainsbury though they did get very close. 
Nevertheless the government minister was forced to scuttle around the 
university and hide sheepishly in doorways as other activists attempted 
follow up actions. The minister was last seen been bundled into a car 
and being sped away from his group of "admirers".

David Sainsbury is the owner of a company which has owns genetic patents 
and despite this being in a blind trust he is still profiting from 
genetically modified food. It is claimed by the government that he does 
not attend any meetings were there is a conflict of interest, in 
particular on genetic issues. This is a very odd position for a science 
minister to be in and does not preclude him recieving and dealing with 
sensitive reports on the issues.

WAAG believes that there should be an immediate moratorium on 
genetically modified foods. The business interests behind these 
developments do not care for human health or the environment. This 
action should be seen as part of the wider campaign against genetic