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GE - ORAL EVIDENCE - The Scientific Advisory System

Science and Technology Committee
Inquiries: 0171-219 2793/2794

Press Notice
No. 11 of Session 1998-99, 25 February 1999

The Scientific Advisory System: Genetically Modified Food
The Committee will be taking oral evidence from the following witnesses at 
the House of Commons in connection with its inquiry into The Scientific 
Advisory System: Genetically Modified Foods.
Wednesday 3rd March 1999
at 4. 15 pm Iceland Group plc 
at 5.00 pm Helen Millar - former Consumer Representative on the Advisory 
Committee on Novel Foods and Processes
Monday 8th March 1999
at 5.45 pm Dr Arpad Pusztai - formerly of The Rowett Research Institute, 
and Dr Stanley Ewen, University of Aberdeen 
at 6.40 pm Professor Philip James, Director, The Rowett Research Institute
Wednesday 10th March 1999
at 4.00 pm Greenpeace UK 
at 4.40 pm English Nature 
at 5.20 pm Monsanto pie
The dates and times of further oral evidence sessions will be announced 
These hearings will be held in public in a Committee Room at the House of 
Commons and members of press and public are invited to attend.
Further information on the work of the Committee can be obtained from 
Committee Staff on 0171 219 2793/4. Previous press notices and publications 
are available on our website -- www. parliament. 
Notes for those wishing to attend a public meeting of the Committee
Members of the public wishing to attend should present themselves at St. 
Stephen's Entrance (on Parliament Square) where they will be directed 
through security and to the appropriate Committee Room. It is advisable to 
allow about 15 minutes for this. It is possible for the Committee Room 
designated for the hearing to change at short notice, but such room changes 
will be clearly indicated. Please ensure that mobile phones and pagers are 
turned off before entering the Committee Room. Under no circumstances 
should members of the public address the Committee while in session. It is 
not possible for seats to be reserved in the Committee Room but every 
effort is made to ensure sufficient seating. Standing in Committee Rooms is 
permitted at the discretion of the Chairman. Those attending meetings are 
asked to remain silent throughout.
Notes for Editors
Under the terms of Standing Order No. 152 the Committee is empowered to 
examine the "expenditure, policy and administration of the Office of 
Science and Technology and its associated public bodies." The Committee was 
first appointed on 14 July 1997.
Membership of the Committee is as follows: 
Dr Michael Clark; Chairman (Con, Rayleigh) 
Mr Nigel Beard (Lab, Bexleyheath and Crayford) 
Mrs Claire Curtis-Thomas (Lab, Crosby) 
Dr Ian Gibson (Lab, Norwich North) 
Dr Lynne Jones (Lab, Birmingham Selly Oak) 
Mr Nigel Jones (Lib Dem, Cheltenham) 
Dr Ashok' Kumar (Lab, Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland) 
Mrs Jacqui Lait (Con, Beckenham) 
Dr Desmond Turner (Lab, Brighten Kemptown) 
Mr Ian Taylor (Con, Esher and Walton) 
Dr Alan Williams (Lab, Carmarthen East and Dinefwr)