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One person's planned march to PM - please post


As an ordinary, commonsense member of the public, I feel that my voice is 
not being listened to by government. Polls have shown that 77% of us are 
in favour of, at least, a five-year moratorium on GM foods.

The Prime Minister says that we are not informed, but I, like thousands 
of others, have seen fit to educate myself and the more I learn, the more 
wary I become.

But what can I do? Well, I know that recently "people power" has helped 
make policy changes and so if there is no change in government attitude, 
I am prepared to do something. The reason for this posting is--I want to 
know from you all out there--who else feels moved to be heard?

This is what I propose to do.

I will, at a suitable time, march to Westminster (I will drive to every 
town en route and march through it). The canteens at the House of Commons 
are GM-free, but this "one rule for us, another for you" is not on.

I will write to my MP and tell him that when I arrive I expect that he 
will provide me with a GM-free meal (which I shall pay for of course).

After all, it is his duty to represent me as a member of the public and 
we do not want GM foods. If he is not prepared to vote GM out of the 
country, then the only safe place for me to eat is in his canteen, where 
MPs have voted GM out for themselves.

On the way to London, I shall march through each town en route (probably 
the A6 from Lancashire) chanting "One Nation against Genetic 
Modification". I am recording my chant in advance and will send copies to 
the local radio stations on the route. I have a marching drum which I 
will use and I shall also hand out leaflets stating what I am doing and 
why, and inviting others to do the same.

Unless the government starts to take the adverse scientific evidence 
seriously, I shall march. But, it would be good if many others would do 
the same and if we were all to meet up, along with well wishers, outside 
Parliament to await our meals.

Perhaps there would be enough people to make government take note. Does 
anyone else feel the same? Please let me know.