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Edinburgh, Scotland - February 26, 1999

Monsanto face the music

Gene giant boss addresses anxious public

A senior UK boss of troubled genetic engineering multinational Monsanto
braves an encounter with a worried public on Tuesday (March 2nd) in one
of the first such events since the GM food furore erupted.

Stephen Wildridge, Head of Monsanto UK's Agricultural Division, speaks
on 'The Commercialisation of Agricultural Biotechnology' in the Centre
for Human Ecology's Public Lecture Series. While the audience is sure
to include GM supporters, Mr Wildridge can expect a rough ride given
mounting public fears over the controversial technology, in which
Monsanto is the world pioneer.

CHE's current Public Lecture Series, entitled 'Engineering Genesis: the
Promise and the Threat of Biotechnology', has since last October
brought together all shades of pro- and anti-GM opinion to debate the
issues. Other speakers include Dolly the Sheep's 'father', Prof. Ian
Wilmut (March 23rd), anti-GM retailer Iceland, doubting scientist Mae
Wan Ho (March 16th) and former Greenpeace Science Head Sue Mayer.

Lectures take place at 6:30 pm Tuesday throughout Winter and Spring
academic terms, at the Friends Meeting House, Victoria Terrace,
Edinburgh EH1. Entrance is £2.

Prior comment from CHE is available from James Mackenzie on 0958
567929. Monsanto can be contacted via Alex Woolfall on 0171-631 3434.
Journalists wishing to attend are kindly requested to make contact with
CHE in advance.

The Centre for Human Ecology is a prominent Edinburgh-based ecological
think tank founded in 1972. It has run popular, often controversial
public lectures on environmental topics for 22 years, including Land
Reform, Food, Consumerism and Sustainability, with guests from
industry, the church, academia and campaigning groups. This June it
hosts an international conference questioning the human-nature
relationship, For the Love of Nature?, featuring Indian GM critic
Vandana Shiva, TV naturalist Aubrey Manning and chimpanzee scientist
Jane Goodall.

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