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Re: US plan to use Valium and GM microbes as weapons

May 27, 2002
The Star-Observer-Sentinel-Tribune

Shock waves are rocking democratic movements around the world with revelations
that U.S. government scientists are working on alternative weapon systems.
According to one recently unearthed secret document, one such weapon system
would use "calmative" drugs to suppress violence.

"We totally f*****g ripped up Seattle, Washington, Gothenburg, Prague and
Genoa and some other places," said one protestor who is committed to
non-violent direct action. "Our group totally f*****g opposes any efforts to
get us to mellow out during our non-violent, you know, when we non-violently
destroy sh*t. Mellowness should be a personal choice and not all of a sudden
happen when you're in the middle of trashing sh*t and non-violently injuring
cops and all that."

Equally worrying was that genetically engineered microbes might be used to
incapacitate weapons. "We might need some weapons for, you know, non-violent
stuff, and this could like totally mess up freedom of expressions with like
bombing sh*t belonging to f*****g capitalists," said another non-violent
activist. "If they like mellow us out and our incendia-whatevers won't work,
we'd be f*****g stuck with like voting and getting a paying job and sh*t like
that. I mean, how the f**k can you be a real citizen if you can't blow sh*t up
that you are, like, really against and all that?"

MichaelP wrote:

> Thanks SM
> "  ...further US documents...reveal how a split has developed between the
>   two nations, with British officials backing campaigners' claims that
>   using drugs such as Valium or other calmatives would be outlawed under