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Another Man of Mystery

NGIN (Norfolk Genetic Information Network) gets a lot of attention on the
net, but what is NGIN? Turns out, NGIN is not a ‘what,’ but a ‘who.’ A
one-man “network.” Believing himself to be a “network” may well account for
why NGIN, who otherwise goes by the name of Jonathan Matthews, generates the
conspiracy theories he is famed for.

When not being the Internet Masked Crusader, Jonathan Matthews/NGIN teaches
at a language school. He’s taught for about 20 years or so. His only apparent
credentials for such an enterprise, or any other, are--you guessed
it--English is his native language. He’s accredited by an organization which,
according to its website, imposes no more criteria than an occasional visit.
He teaches English to non-English speakers in classes that mass on average
about 8 people. When he's not teaching he runs email off his school address.
He takes money from Greenpeace and has been associated with at least one
terrorist group.

Telephone Number - +44 (0) 1603 624021 FAX Number :- +44 (0) 1603 766552
Address - 26 Pottergate, Norwich NR21DX
Telephone Number - 01603 624021 FAX Number :- 01603 766552 Address - 26
Pottergate, Norwich Postcode - NR21DX