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Re: Fear Mongering the Food Aid

Wrong! Did you not read the story from Zambia today?
That are not EU NGO bullies. That are the Zambians! 
EU NGO bullies pretty much respected the expressed wish by 
Africans to decide for themselves. 
Nobody is eating this food for 15 years and we fortunately eat it still 
at relatively small amounts. Nobody can claim that there have been 
no adverse effects on health since there is no monitoring 
whatsoever. The recently published papers by the UK FSA on  
transfer in humans of GE components shows there is reason to  
worrying about people not in optimum health. Also, there is clear 
statistical evidence for increased food related diseases (gastro-
intestinal) and increase of food infections. Allergies are strongly 
increasing but explained away in contradicory ways: people have 
got more clean and hygienic so now are more vulnerable for 
allergies AND people are so dirty that bacteria easily hit in the 
kitchen.  But no mention of the food that is in that clean/dirty 

kind regards

On 14 Aug 2002, at 11:36, David Kendra wrote:

Fear Mongering the Food Aid