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Fear Mongering the Food Aid

Fear Mongering the Food Aid

- Meredith Lloyd-Evans, <>, Unpublished (yet) Letter to the Editor of The
Guardian (UK)

Sir, We have learned that the government of Zambia is now going to accept
the offers of food support from the World Food Programme and the UN Food
and Agriculture Organisation. A good part of this humanitarian food aid
will be genetically-modified, from USA and other countries, where these
are government-approved, accepted as safe, and increasingly grown with no
adverse environmental or human impact whatsoever. Almost 2.5 million
Zambians will need 175,000 tonnes of food between now and March 2003, not
to mention the other people in neighbouring countries suffering from poor
harvests, famine and continuing disruption of land-use. 40,000 tonnes of
yellow maize will also be needed in Zambia, to feed livestock.

No-one who has had real experience with GM foods and maize has found, over
a more-than-15 years period, any deadly or toxic effects in real life. Yet
NGO bullies in UK and Europe will be seeking to ban imports from Zambia of
items such as chicken and beef, in case it might have been fed on GM
grains, as well as continuing to agitate against the use of such GM food
and growing techniques. Their fear-mongering is completely abhorrent,
based as it is on spurious 'scientific' arguments with no foot in reality,
and aimed at eradicating the use of a farming practice that is
environmentally and nutritionally beneficial and, in this current
circumstance, entirely ethically appropriate. In short, their
eco-imperialism is the closest that we in the Western world are now
getting to supporting genocide in the third world, and we should all be
ashamed to aid and abet them in any way whatsoever.

sincerely, Mr Meredith Lloyd-Evans, Managing Partner BioBridge Associates,
Cambridge CB1 2BX UK