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GM critics have blood on their hands

On 18 Sep 2001, at 19:19, ngin wrote:

Norfolk Genetic Information Network (ngin),
The transcript of Devinder Sharma's Hyderabad speech
Exploiting the poor and hungry' is now available online: --- --- The Face of

Andrew Apel edits a biotech industry newsletter. Even allowing for
horrendous nature of recent events, the unpleasantness and inanity
the material on AgBioView has surely reached an all time low with
Prakash putting out such a disgusting and personal attack. ---
Andrew Apel <> to AgBioView Subject:
The Face
of Terrorism


With the recent attacks on workers in the World Trade Center and
Pentagon, attacks perpetrated by those who put political ideology
above human life, we have an opportunity to re-evaluate the politics
of Greenpeace (which has openly declared human welfare to be at
bottom of its agenda), and similar groups which advocate
and its attendant misery as a means of advancing their purposes. Those
who destroy for political purposes are not unknown to this group.

Some strike at "globalization"  by destroying opportunities for those
in developing countries to feed themselves; others strike at
"globalization" by destroying research which could improve
relationships between agriculture and the environment, others strike
at "globalization" by killing innocents in more direct ways. With the
plane-bombs, we can see all of these groups for what they are. Groups
politically committed to destructive politically-motivated action
rather than intelligent dialogue.

The activists who spit upon and hurled rocks and offal at those
scientists in New Zealand who joined with the Royal Commission in
advocating a peaceful coexistence between different forms of
agriculture, must now be viewed in a different light - the activists
must now be viewed as cultural vandals, who carelessly leave death and
poverty in their wake.

Perhaps after the crudescence of terrorism in New York and Washington,
the world will wake up to the politically-motivated destruction
advocated by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Earth Liberation Front,
Masipag, the Confederation Paysanne, the Genoa Social Front and
others, and see that this is wrong. Seattle, Washington, Prague,
Quebec, Genoa, are all part of the same wrong.

And this is wrong. Vandana Shiva has blood on her hands, so does
Mae-Wan Ho. So do others of their ilk.

I recommend these folks lay low, very low, until political terrorism
becomes fashionable again.