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RE: allegies in soy


Soya is a common classical allergen.  Sometimes people with soy allergy 
also cross react to similar substances and these are now common in use in 
commercially produced food products.  Some reports indicate that some 
component of soya is in use in around 60% of processed foods and this may 
well account for an increase in soya allergy if indeed this is happening. 
 It is difficult to get figures on food allergy, they are at best a 


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I got the York report at the time and basically the report and press 
was for a new testing kit for allergies that the York lab had developed. 
50% increase was in a study of I think 50 or 20 people who were tested in
1997. In 1997, 10 people had tested positive for soya allergies and in then
1998 15 tested positive in 1999 - whey hay - a 50% increase!!. The tests
where done on people with allergies already. (many with multiple
complaints). The stats are extremely weak and it essentially was a ploy by
the private company to gain press for their new kits.
After speaking at length with Mr. Graham at the time I got Kevin O'Sullivan
in the Irish Times to follow it up and the enclosed is what he found. 
remember at the time the British Press were going bananas over GM!!!

The Irish Times 19th of March, 1999
Kevin O'Sullivan

...Controversy over indications of increased sensitivity of people to soya
has led the director of York Nutritional Laboratory in Britain to claim he
was misquoted in the British press. He had not linked the finding to GM
soya. Mr John Graham, who runs a food allergy company, told The Irish Times
it had simply noted "soya had crept into the top 10 foods associated with
chronic illness alongside some beans, grains and fruits".
While this might be due to increased consumption of modified soya, it could
equally be due to people consuming more soya of any kind, he 

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	 >I have a sheet of paper relating an article in the Daily Express
	 >Mark Townsend (12 march 99) relating this study.
	 >Does any one have a more serious bibliography than teh NLp web
site ?
	 >An explanation of the lack of this report on the web site of the
York Lab ?
	 >(could be that there have been pressions on the lab not to
publicize this study
	 >or anything else ?).

	This is probably the item you are referring to, as cited in the
	GEDebate document I compile (version 1.0 to be issued in a week or
	so...). Perhaps somebody can call up John Graham if he indeed talked
	to Mark Townsend of the UK Daily Express.

	Roberto Verzola

	     - A study by the York Nutritional Laboratory, Europe's leading
	specialists on food sensitivity, found that health complaints caused
	by soya - the ingredient most associated with GM foods - have
	increased by 50% in 1998. Researchers said their findings provide
	evidence that GE food could have a tangible, harmful impact on the
	human body. It is the first time in 17 years of testing that soya
	crept into the laboratory's top 10 foods to cause an allergic
	in consumers. John Graham, spokesman for the York laboratory, said:
	"We believe this raises serious new questions about the safety of GM
	foods because it is impossible to guarantee that the soya used in
	tests was GM-free." (See: UK Daily Express, 12 March 1999)

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