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Re: Fw: On the Subject of Organic Foods and Seed Segragation

Dear Mr Todd,

You wrote recently:

> If genetically engineered pollen has the potential of corrupting the
> ecosystem, destroying native as well as commercial plants, of course it is
> pollution.  What would you call it?

Unfortunately all plants have the potential of corrupting ecosystems of
parts thereof (ask a certain Australian on this list). Since several
scientific bodies declared genetically modified food 'not inherently less
safe than their conventionally bred counterparts', I don't see why all
genetically modified plants should be treated as one group with the same
associated risks. It is therefor illogic to exclude all ge from organic
foods on the basis of 'safety/environmental' claims. The exclusion of all ge
and ge 'contamination' is thus a construction of organic farmers (or their
lobbying efforts in EP) unfounded in law! Threatening other farmers to sue
them because they grow gmo's (whatever type, whatever risks) is thus absurd!
If there is no additional risk from a certain type of ge plant, the only
argument for not allowing it's presence (>1%) in organic food is the fact
that the plant is genetically engineered. And that is a very weak

With kind regards,