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Re: Fw: On the Subject of Organic Foods and Seed Segragation

On  Tuesday, May 09, 2000 Wytze wrote.

> Heine,
> This is the last response to you, because you sound too much like the
Avery's by
> now and I just refuse to take ididots [idiots] seriously.

Pity because I am serious. The construction of justice that (some) organic
farmers propose is interesting or -as I see it- somewhat absurd. Well worth
a nice discussion, just something like the concept of substantial
'equivalence'. BTW your implicit insult does not impress.

> For your information, I will
> open up a new asbestos factory very near your house. Do not worry, this is
a new
> kind of asbestos and no evidence of harm has been found. It may enter your
> and garden but rest assured there is no evidence whatsoever of harm to
> health and/or the environment. It is better, safer and superior compared
> previous asbestos.

Not a very productive respons; a thoughtful and more logic argument would be
better to convince me of your wisdom.

Have you realized that if no evidence of harm has been found this has at
least two causes?
1. The search was incomplete.
2. There is no harm (unlikely, but depends on the definition of harm - is a
negative effect harm?)

Therefor the search as well as the data produced by the search have to be
evaluated. Theory is a very valuable tool to interpret the data and estimate
the degree of completeness of the search. Theory assumes that the main risks
of genetically engineered foods stem from their new characteristics. To
group all genetically engineered plants together is illogic.

With kind regards,

Heine J. Deelstra