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Re: Fw: On the Subject of Organic Foods and Seed Segragation

Mr. Deelstra:

If genetically engineered pollen has the potential of corrupting the entire
ecosystem, destroying native as well as commercial plants, of course it is
pollution.  What would you call it?


At 11:40 PM 5/8/00 +0200, Heine J. Deelstra wrote:
>Dear Mr. Tod,
>We are talking about pollen spread here. Unless you want all farmers to cut
>all anthers or allow the use of Terminator technology there is no way to
>ensure that no pollen will land on other crops. Since it is only pollen, one
>could say 'who cares?'. Well, organic farmers appearantly do. Although there
>is no evidence that genetically modified foods are inherently more dangerous
>than their conventionally bred counterparts*, these farmers are willing to
>sue anyone in the neigbourhood that grows GMO's. Wytze, isn't this some form
>of keeping your own plants pure? BTW Why do you call pollen spread by
>genetically modified crops pollution? Is it because it sounds so nice and
>Besides I'm getting sick of the ad hominem attacks and name-calling. Farmer
>vs industry etc!
>Wytze, i'm sorry to see you taking the stand of the more stubborn organic
>farmers, the ones that use name-calling ('pollution!') to get what they
>want. Do you realize how patronizing that sounds?
>Do you realize that there are farmers who just want to grow their (gm)crops
>without being burdened by the destruction of their crops? Or reduction of
>their income due to the negative publicity GMO's have?
>One can indeed ask a neighbour to spray only when the wind will not carry it
>into the organic fields. One can also expect that (in return) the organic
>farmers won't make unfounded allegations like 'pollution' and won't threaten
>to sue their neighbours. It remains to be seen which type of farmer is the
>good neighbour!
>Heine J. Deelstra
>*For all activists, once again;
>"There is no evidence that genetically modified crops are inherently more
>dangerous than their conventionally bred counterparts"
>Before arguing again about specific crops/micro-organisms one should realize
>that generalizations (ie extending the results to a whole class of
>organisms) are often wrong.
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