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Re: Fw: On the Subject of Organic Foods and Seed Segragation

Dear Mr. Tod,

We are talking about pollen spread here. Unless you want all farmers to cut
all anthers or allow the use of Terminator technology there is no way to
ensure that no pollen will land on other crops. Since it is only pollen, one
could say 'who cares?'. Well, organic farmers appearantly do. Although there
is no evidence that genetically modified foods are inherently more dangerous
than their conventionally bred counterparts*, these farmers are willing to
sue anyone in the neigbourhood that grows GMO's. Wytze, isn't this some form
of keeping your own plants pure? BTW Why do you call pollen spread by
genetically modified crops pollution? Is it because it sounds so nice and

Besides I'm getting sick of the ad hominem attacks and name-calling. Farmer
vs industry etc!
Wytze, i'm sorry to see you taking the stand of the more stubborn organic
farmers, the ones that use name-calling ('pollution!') to get what they
want. Do you realize how patronizing that sounds?
Do you realize that there are farmers who just want to grow their (gm)crops
without being burdened by the destruction of their crops? Or reduction of
their income due to the negative publicity GMO's have?

One can indeed ask a neighbour to spray only when the wind will not carry it
into the organic fields. One can also expect that (in return) the organic
farmers won't make unfounded allegations like 'pollution' and won't threaten
to sue their neighbours. It remains to be seen which type of farmer is the
good neighbour!

Heine J. Deelstra


*For all activists, once again;
"There is no evidence that genetically modified crops are inherently more
dangerous than their conventionally bred counterparts"

Before arguing again about specific crops/micro-organisms one should realize
that generalizations (ie extending the results to a whole class of
organisms) are often wrong.