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Re: Fw: On the Subject of Organic Foods and Seed Segragation

I am disappointed that you forwarded this message to the list.I had thought
higher of you.  I normally do not respond to real insanity, but for once I will
give an answer to this plain bull s. First, this is not an issue of organic
farmers alone. This is the issue for all farmers who do not want to work with
gmo's. It is also a matter of 80% of consumers who do not want gmo's and want to
have the possibility to choose different.
The kind of opinion shows a high degree of arrogance, lack of normal social
behaviour and huge lack of respect to allow other people to make other choices
and that is a highly anti-democratic attitude.

"Heine J. Deelstra" wrote:

> Subject: Re: On the Subject of Organic Foods and Seed Segragation
> > From: Alex Avery <>
> > Subject: Re: On the Subject of Organic Foods and Seed Segragation
> > IF the organic farmers/retailers expect to sell a value-added product,
> then
> > they, not anyone else, is responsible for all of the necessary costs of
> > producing and marketing the value-added product.  So they are responsible
> > for the costs of segregation-identification.  If those costs soar beyond
> > any reasonable consumer willingess to pay, so be it.
> >
> > To impose on the rest of agriculture the liability for the organic farmers
> > silly preferences and loss of value added return is ridiculous.  The
> > organic industry is demanding the right to sue other farmers if their
> > harvests are "contaminated" with biotech pollen and thus destroys their
> > "organic" crop.  This is a backdoor imposition of organic standards on the
> > rest of the farm community and it is absurd.
> >
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