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"DAY 14: WORLD WAR AIDS" by Boyd Ed Graves

December 14, 2000

by: Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.
the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation
 We again come to you with information
on our discovery of a secret U.S. flowchart
that conclusively proves the origin of AIDS.
The 1971 flowchart is the “research logic”
 of a secret U.S. program that made a virus
that depletes the immune system.
After eight years of research I conclude the
U.S. Special Virus is the AIDS virus.
I will let the experts play footsies from
one side to the other in their evaluations,
however, for those of us living with HIV/AIDS,
we simply have no time to waste, while we waste. T
The U.S. experiments conducted under Phase IV-A
of the flowchart serve as a likely starting point for review.
These particular thirty year old experiments offer
our best hope for immediate breakthroughs for better
therapy and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS
and other illnesses.
The discovery of the “missing link” flowchart provides
the missing direct evidence of a U.S. plot to exterminate
the Black Population and others. The flowchart represents
the United States’ “living testimony” to develop a
“contagious cancer” that “selectively” kills.
We firmly believe we ( the people) have proven our right
to an immediate apology. The United States has a long
history of apology and reparation. We, as a country,
continue to review state evil, and right those wrongs of the past.
It is time for us, the nation states and people of this world,
to collectively review the U.S. Special Virus program,
and not rest until we have deactivated, one of the most
vulgar killing weapons in the history of the world.
If Africa’s continent is overpopulated, nature will find a
“natural” blueprint check and balance. The myth of overpopulation
has done nothing more than provide bureaucratic cover for the true
genocidal and diabolical desire of “racial-cleansing.”
History will ultimately show the 20th Century was dominated
by Aryan eugenics and the secret development of ethnic weapons
to the detriment of the Black Population and others.
The U.S. flowchart proves the United States mass-produced
and proliferated an immune suppressing virus.
The U.S. flowchart proves the United States began
work on an “AIDS VACCINE” as early as 1964.
See, pp. 93 and 111, Progress Report #8, (1971),
Special Virus program of the United States of America.
Call your local library, ask for an inter library loan,
seek the “Special Virus Program,” and the “Virus Program.”
You will find there are eight references to the secret U.S. program.
The flowchart is page 61 and is preceded by a sixty-page narrative.
Many of the answers to solving the mystery of AIDS lie in those pages.
There has always been an AIDS curtain and men in its shadow.
Join our journey beyond the curtain as we aggressively seek
to deactivate their designer virus.
Yesterday, the United States accepted our call for a meeting.
The White House is now in possession of the flowchart and
some of the substantial and compelling evidence. It is absolute proof.
It is absolute evidence, the United States, contrary to her Constitution
and social order, has perpetrated one of the greatest human holocausts
in the history of the world.
We will work with the United Nations in preparing the flowchart
in every language for all the good people of the world.
Our united effort and our resolve for truth and fact will
buttress us through the darkest hours of our democracy.
We are greater than any federal virus.
We are the human race.
We will let nature determine the finish line, not man.
As we approach the dawn of the 21st Century, 
I see a bright century, band-aids everywhere,
but a century and her people on the mend.
The logical scientific conclusion for the origin of AIDS
is the laboratory, best exemplified by the United States’
research logic diagram.
We have found the origin of AIDS, it is us, our nation state.
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