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Of course, 'All right, Rick'.

Some philosophers/historians/econometrists follow, as  Herman and I do, your discussions on this part of the net. Allthough we seldom mix ourselves up in technical discussions, the reason is we were not educated on these matters so we read them to learn; we try to be keen on the ethical part of what you - technicians -discuss. To be concrete: if you had written in the first message on this texas-business what you wrote me (us) now, I would never have racted the way I did. So I still think you went a bit wrong on this point. We (I) reacted this way because we (I) appreciate for most times the manner on which you and - par exemple - wytze de lange discuss biotech and other important matters. Interesting for us is the fact that you - of course - do not constraint yourself on technical points of the discussions, even not when you try to do so.

Of course 'a laugh' is out of our point of view allways there (relativists as we are) and allways wellcome.

with kind regards and respect,

steef van duin 
Dear Steef:

I got this from at least three independent sources, which probably makes it
at least as true as most of what we read on this list. Perhaps more
telling, the grammar is bad ("That ís weeds." rather than "Those are
weeds"), which gives the report some authenticity for those of us who have
lived in Texas.

One has to at least have a sense of humor about such claims.


well, rick,

how true is this? you, who are in my opinion sometimes 'calling as a
voice of reason for truth and evidence' seem to go pretty low-down last


Rick Roush wrote:
Houston Press - November 23, 2000 -
"RiceTec Paddy Whack"

Vandana Shiva, whom many describe as a "visionary, author, activist and
eco-feminist," appeared briefly at a protest staged at the Alvin, Texas
headquarters of RiceTec, Inc. to decry bio-piracy and the patenting of

Before leaving Alvin to prepare for a 7 p.m. lecture in Houston titled
WTO, Basmati Rice & the Stolen Harvest, Shiva walked across the road and
looked out into a shaggy field. "They look unhappy," she said. "The rice
plants. Ours at home look very happy."

"That," RiceTec reports, "is because it ís not rice. That's our test field,
it was harvested in August. That ís weeds."

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