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Re: pie throwing and destruction

A colleague of mine has heard from the victim of the pie throwing.  Dr.
Martina McClaughlin wrote  "I thought that it was interesting that the cake
was  store bought and no doubt contained GMOs - In addition she [the
assaulter] left behind a  bottle of nail varnish - obviously she is so
concerned about the earth that she uses frivolous non-renewable
petroleum-based products!"

And they call themselves the
"General Command of the Biotic Baking Brigade--Ecotopia Cell"; they don't
even do their own baking!

If GE is such a serious issue, how does pie throwing advance its
resolution?  Or is it nothing but a cheap media stunt?  Or is Bob right,
that it really is just a childish release of frustration?

Wytze, at least in Australia, "organic" growers can generally be allowed
some contamination with pesticides that are not of their doing, but there
is no threshold for pollen.  Why the double standard?

I would answer your question to Bob. What do I tell my children to do when
someone does not show any respect for them?  I tell them they need to earn
it, or at least to address it with dialogue.  Throwing a tantrum or
throwing a pie doesn't gain respect.  Given the current rules and consumer
pressure in Europe,  your food supply hardly seems under threat from what
you see as contamination, and I therefore find it hard to take your anger

At the same time, people and livestock around the world are being exposed
to fungal toxins that Bt corn could reduce, as at least two indenpendent
studies have now demonstrated.  How does one apply the precautionary
principle now?  Prevent the use of Bt corn and knowingly expose others to
toxins? Or continue to campaign against Bt corn on the basis of imaginary
or disproven risks (eg. to lacewings and the Monarch butterfly)?