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Re: About me - can be skipped.

> An immediate payroll is of course not the only motive for a pro-GE
> There are others, e.g.
> - the perspective of a well-paid GE job
> - wanting to please pro-GE profs to get better grades

I'm at the moment not interested in a (well?)-paid GE job (only research)
and I certainly don't need higher grades. Besides, no-one at Kahmanns group
has ever gotten better grades by talking, only through hard work.

> And then there is the juvenile idealism (naivety?) of students that is
> being abused by the PR spindoctors.  The best PR is that which you don't
> even notice.

You can say anything from me, but not that I'm naive. (The reverse is also
true; Chris don't you think you are naive? Manipulated by anti-GM PR?)
I find this very unproductive:

the results of a few days mailing.

Wytzes initial mail: ok
Trewavas: ok
H. Le Meur: ok
Two replies to Herve: ok
But then

One hate mail by Chris (not on the list) (two mails back)
Two other nonfactual by chris.
A forwarded message from Owmby; attacks Trewavas personally
Then a message from me (had nothing to do with the original subject)
Three replies and than this mail and the only message that dealt with the
original subject in Trewavas article was the one from Herve.

So, personal motives/stupidities proved to be an adequate distraction/decoy
to the things that really matter.
Concluding (once again); questioning motives is inefficient and leads to

Its very hard to get it out of my keyboard but here goes;

With kind regards,

Heine J. Deelstra

PS Discussion closed!