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Re: RiF: ACTION REPORT NL, archive 2760

My potatoes grow fine without any fungicides, pesticides etc. I do not have
neigbours who use fungicides. Forutnately I do not have neighbours who are so
insane to grow potaoes in the same field two or more years in a row. The severe
blight attack of two years ago in the Netherlands made the farmers organisations
rethink this crazy practice
"yes, maybe it was wrong to grow potatoes without rotation" the unconscious
farmer's president admitted. YES! INDEED IT WAS!!!

Rick Roush wrote:

> Wytze:
> In New York too, you can get by without fungicides, much of the time, if
> everyone around you uses funcides and thereby keep the innoculum to low
> levels.  I asked you to try to do it.  Are you brave enough to put your own
> money up?
> Rick
> >Rick,
> > I gave you the reasons for the cause of increased fungicide use:
> >No rotation, use of wrong varieties, no attention for the soil. There are some
> >great organic farmers here in Holland potatoland, who do perfectly well
> >without any
> >fungicides and grow hundreds of hectares, though they get affected by the
> >stupidity
> >of conventional practices. If you did not manage, I suggest you take a
> >studentposition at an organic farm that does manage.
> >wytze
> >